Shifting Identity

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

You are going to live your life in assignments from this throne of authority that God has established in your life.
Dale Mast


Welcome to God Today. My name is Dale Mast. I wrote the book And David Perceived He Was King. I want to take several thoughts from it to help you today. I want to read this scripture to you, out of 2 Samuel. It’s from chapter 5, verse 12. “And David perceived that the Lord had established him king over Israel and he had exalted his kingdom for his people, Israel’s, sake.” What I want to bring out are several truths here. David had the crown resting on his head. It says that David perceived he was king over Israel. They were already calling him king. The problem was, David was still battling through the losses of his life. In it, when we go through losses, what we start believing is that nothing is ours to keep or enjoy.

Let’s start from the beginning. David is a shepherd boy. He is delivering bread to his brothers at the battle. He goes from being a bread deliverer, a shepherd boy, as he stood in front of Goliath, he declared the victory, but her walked away a warrior. God shifted his identity through one experience. God is sending experiences to you. You might be delivering bread, helping someone else out. One victory causes people to see you differently and for you to see yourself differently. To be the king that David was anointed to be, he had to be a warrior. In those days, the kings were the warriors that led the battle. God was transitioning David toward his future.

What was his struggle with the crown on his head – now that he is king? Here’s the deal. David led the armies of God in victory. Then he was a hunted villain and chased by the armies of God. David was given Merab, the first king’s daughter, as his wife. On his wedding day she was given away to another. King Saul gave him Michal. This little bit, intricate, in detail, she was taken away and given to another man later he fled. Literally everything that came to David was taken away. Now the crown is resting on David’s head. The question is, “Is this going to be taken away from me too?”

God sent a man to build a palace for David and said, “David, this is yours and you are now established.” I really believe this: many losses cause us to doubt that we will be able to hang on or literally enjoy what we have obtained. I say this – God is establishing in your heart this day. You are not only going to enjoy, but you are going to live your life in assignments from this throne of authority that God has established in your life.

Losses can kill dreams. I am going to say to you – dream again. Carry the dream until the dream carries you. God bless you. Have a dream-filled day like David.