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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018Wesley Zinn

Take a Step


Morning! My name is Wesley Zinn. I am a pastor at Wellspring Church in Connecticut in the United States. Welcome to God Today on God TV. As you prepare for your day this morning, maybe you are thinking, “I’ve got an issue, I’ve got a problem, I’ve got a situation.” You know what? This isn’t the first time you’ve thought about it. You have been around this issue before. You have been around this situation before. You think, “How am I ever going to get out of this pattern?” Maybe you are thinking today, as you look forward to the day, “I am in the same place I was yesterday, the day before, a month ago, a year ago.”

You’re not the first one to think that. Many times we want God to intervene and say, “God, give me some direction, give me some hope, give me some direction.” Many times we don’t feel we hear that. There is a verse in the Old Testament when the Israelites, the ancient Israelites were going around and around in the desert. It is Deuteronomy 2:3, it says, “God says to the Israelites, ‘You’ve been around walking around this hill country long enough. Now turn north.’” Obviously, that is a word for them. But, I feel there is wisdom in it for us. Because sometimes we go around and around the same situation, around and around the same issue.

SOmetimes we have to give God something to work with. If we keep going around and say, “God, give me something. Give me direction, give me wisdom.” But, we keep doing the same thing, maybe He doesn’t have a way to direct us. Maybe it is time for you to stop going around, and step out of that issue. Take a step. Take a stand. Take an issue. Take a direction and give God something to work with. When you are just going around and around, He doesn’t have anything to work with. If you say, “Okay, I am going to take a step. I am going to try and reach out to that person. I am going to try and make an effect of that situation. You are giving God something to work with. Turn north, turn a different direction than what you’ve been doing. Give God something to work with.

You have been around this hill country long enough. Are you tired of going around? You don’t want to face it again today? Do something different. Carefully consider what to do, but do something different. Don’t wait for God to say something for you to step out. You step out. Then let God direct you. Sometimes you need to give God something to work with. I believe He wants to direct you. Sometimes He is waiting for us to give Him something to work with. May you have a great day today. May you step out boldly and trust as you do, you are giving Him something to work with and He will direct your path. God bless you. Have a great day.