The Burning Bush - God Today
Friday, October 19th, 2018Solomon Ofori-Ansah

The Burning Bush


I am Pastor Solomon Ofori-ansah with Wisdom House. This is God Today. I want to encourage you today with the story of Moses and the burning bush. What is interesting is that Moses had spent 40 years in the wilderness. He was looking for breakthrough, He was looking for a way out. God gave him a promise that He would be the deliverer. Yet, what he sees is a bush that is burning. He doesn’t hear a word from God – he sees something. You see, God is counting on Moses to be human. He wants Moses to be curious. The Bible says that Moses says, “I will turn aside and see this great sight.” Why the bush is burning, but is not consumed. You have to be curious about what God is doing. Take time, pay attention to your surroundings, what is going on around you, what is happening at your church and work. You might just see God doing something.

As soon as he turned around and saw the burning bush, the Bible says God spoke to him and said, “Moses, take the shoes off of your feet. Where you are standing is holy ground.” Moses was standing on holy ground and he did not know it. You may be standing on gold, you may be standing on blessings and you may not know it, but God wanted Moses to realize that his breakthrough is tied up to where he was. “Take the shoes off of your feet. Where you are standing is holy ground.” I want you to respect where you are at.

It doesn’t matter how many sheep were grazing over there, it doesn’t matter what was on there, you have to respect it. Most of the time we don’t respect where God has put us. God wants you to respect it – is the key to the next level. God spoke to Moses from the burning bush. God turned around something that was ordinary, a bush, it wasn’t a fig tree, it was just a bush. But, when the presence of God came upon it God turned it into extraordinary. You see, the thing that would change people around you is the fire of God on your life. I want to pray for you today that the fire of God would come upon you. The Bible says that you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you . I pray that it shall be a stirring of favor, it shall be a stirring of blessing upon you. You will go out there and change the life of somebody that is struggling in the wilderness. I am Pastor Solomon with Wisdom House. This is God Today.