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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018Jonathan Bernis

Promise of God


Shalom! Welcome to God Today, I am Jonathan Bernis from Jewish Voice. I am here in Jerusalem, the city of the Great King. The reestablished Jerusalem. I think of all of the promises of God when I am here. Promises of restoration, God has promised throughout scripture to restore the Jewish people to this land and 70 years ago He fulfilled that promise in 1948 when he restored the people of Israel to the land He gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as an eternal possession. Just over 51 years ago, the restoration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, now America has moved the embassy, Guatemala has followed, and I believe other nations will follow.

I want to quickly share with you that Israel and Jerusalem are the greatest physical sign of the near return of Jesus to this Earth. The restoration of the land of Israel declares to the world prophetically. “Ahm Yisrael chai,” [which means] “The people of Israel live and the word of God is true.” God! The God of Israel lives! It is the greatest sign. I think every Christian, every believer should rejoice when we look at a restored Israel and see that God is faithful. God promised not only to restore the Jewish people back to their land, He also promised to restore the Jewish people spiritually through their Messiah. In other words, the blindness will come off of the eyes of the Jewish people.

The reason this should be so important to you today is because these things signal the near return of Jesus – Yeshua the Messiah. He is not coming back to Rome, He is not coming back to London, He is coming back to Jerusalem. His feet are going to touch down very near to here on the Mount of Olives. He wants us to be about the Father’s business while there is time.

Be encouraged today that God is faithful. He has restored the Jewish people to their land, He has restored Jerusalem. He is restoring the Jewish people back spiritually by opening their eyes to the Messiah of Israel, Jesus / Yeshua, our Savior. He will come back soon. Fulfill your destiny. This is Jonathan Bernis saying, “Shalom,” again from Jerusalem.