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Friday, November 16th, 2018Chris Mikkelson

Follow Me


Hello God Today, this is evangelist Chris Mikkelson.  I want to encourage you today to follow Jesus with all of your heart.  The Bible tells us in Mark 1:17, that when Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

A lot of times it is very easy to think about doing things for Jesus.  It is the Mary and Martha syndrome. God, first of all, is calling us to be with HIm.  He says, “Follow me.” Before Jesus called to His disciples to go out, He called them first to Himself.  I want to encourage you to spend time with Jesus. Make sure you spend time with Him today. As you spend time with Him, His presence will come into your heart.  Even right now as you are watching this, His presence is coming into your heart and into your life. As you spend time with Him and have intimacy with the Father, He will cause you to go out and do great and mighty things in Jesus’ name.

Let me pray for you.  Father, I pray for each and every person who is listening.  Father, I pray you would draw them close, draw them near to your heart in intimacy and relationship.  As you draw them in, you will send them out in Jesus’ name. Amen.