The Power Of Forgiveness

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

Jesus wants to heal have to forgive those who have done you wrong.
Luanne Mast


Welcome to God Today. I am Luanne Mast, the author of God, I feel Like CInderella.  This is one of the testimonies in my book, it is called: The Power of Forgiveness.

When my mother was dying of cancer, the Lord sent me home and He said to me, “Luanne, I want you to go back home and ask your mom to forgive you everywhere you dishonored her.”  I said, “Lord, you want me to do that?” I went to her house, I got on my knees and she was really frail and I said, “Mom, I want to ask you to forgive me everywhere I have dishonored you and disrespected you.”  She said, “Luanne, you were always the good girl.” I was like, “Lord, why did she say that?”

I was driving home and I was at my house and a friend of mine called and said, “Luanne, how is your mom doing?”  I said, “She is not doing well and I don’t expect her to live much longer.” He said, “Luanne, did she forgive who she needed to forgive?”  I said, “No, she did not forgive.” I had asked my mom for things that were in her heart that she needed to ask for forgiveness and she kept saying, “No way, I will never forgive.”  He said, “I believe you need to call her right now.” I said, “What?” He said, “The Holy Spirit is saying you need to call her right now. She need to forgive because God will not take her to Heaven if she doesn’t forgive.”

I hung up the phone and found out from a brother of mine that my mom had slipped into a coma.  He said, “She can’t talk to you now.” I said, “No, she is going to talk to me.” I started praying and I said, “Satan, I bind you from holding my mom into captivity in this come.  Release her in the name of Jesus. I bind that demon of unforgiveness. I say to you, ‘You will forgive.’” I called and my father answered the phone. He said, “Honey, your mom is in a coma.”  I said, “Dad, I need to talk to her.” He said, “I am sorry she is in a coma.” At that time, my mom yelled, “Jack, who is on the phone?” I said, “Dad, I need to talk to her right now.” She said, “Hi, honey, how are you?”  I said, “Mom, you need to forgive those people who hurt you. Jesus wants to heal you and take you home, but you have to forgive.” She said, “Ok, I will.” She goes, “I forgive.” She named the first person and said, “I forgive.”  She named the second person and said, “I forgive.” She named the third person and said, “I forgive, I have to go now.” I said, “Goodbye.” I found out she passed away right after that.

I am here today to tell you there is power in forgiveness.  Jesus wants to heal you and how he can heal you is that you have to forgive those who have done you wrong.  My mom went through a lot of hurt and pain of people who really hurt her. But, when she forgave them, Jesus took her home.  That is awesome. Today, if you are out there and you need to forgive someone, just say the prayer: Jesus I forgive them.