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Saturday, December 1st, 2018Bill Johnson

Encounter With God


Hi, I’m Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  Welcome to God Today. We owe the people of the world around us an encounter with God.  It is not possible unless we stay full of the Holy Spirit. What that means is, literally we become filled of the Holy Spirit.  God puts us on like a glove and starts touching people in and through our lives.

This is the reality Jesus modeled for us.  He showed us what can be done by anyone who yielded themselves by the heart of the Father, to what the Father was saying, to what the Father was doing.  This is the privilege of the Christian life. Every person, we are known because we are followers of Jesus. I strongly want to encourage you to cry out in private, take risk in public, to see what Jesus would do in and through you.

Let me pray for that Spirit of breakthrough to rest upon your life.  Father, I do. I pray for this that there would be a mantle of breakthrough released over every individual that we could see the wonder, the beauty, the glory, the power of who Jesus is displayed in everyday life, by confronting things that are impossible.  I ask all of this that Jesus would be exalted in all of the Earth. Amen.