Prayers Of Healing

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

If you know Him and He knows you, and you’ve accepted Him in your heart then you can make a demand on that.
Jeffrey Levinson


Hi, I’m Jeffrey Levinson with God TV and welcome to God Today.  Today I would like to talk to you a little bit about one of the first prayers for healing to the Lord in the Bible.  It comes in Numbers 12 and it’s Moses appealing to the Lord. First, a little bit of preface to that. You see, Aaron, Moses’ brother and Miriam, Moses’ sister, were speaking against Moses who was known as a prophet of God.  The Lord heard this. He called the three of them out. He came down in a cloud and called the three of them out from the tent. He came down on a cloud and separated Moses from Aaron and Mary. He said, “Let me speak to you over here for a minute.” That was paraphrasing a bit.

God said, “Which of you is a prophet like your brother Moses?  For to Moses, I speak to. I conversate with Moses. Moses knows me and I know Him.  He is my prophet. Are you my prophet?” They were afraid. They realized they had done wrong in speaking against Moses.  The Lord was quite angry and He in the cloud, left in the cloud. When He left, when He took up, Miriam was stricken with leprosy.  It was the kiss of death, she was going to die. Moses, her loving brother, Moses the meek, Moses the prophet of God offers up a healing prayer to God for his sister.  When we pray to the Lord, “Oh, Lord, please heal me. Lord, please heal this one. Lord, if you just heal this one of cancer.” It is kind of that kind of prayer.

Moses sent up a different kind of prayer.  I am going to say it in Hebrew, “El Na Refa Na La.” “Lord, heal her.”  It was just that simple prayer. It was a three word prayer. “Lord, heal her.”  And it wasn’t just an ask, “Lord, will you heal her?” Although he does say please.  It was a demand on a relationship he had with the Lord. Because the Lord so honored him, He says, “I will heal her.”  He does it in His own way, sometimes it is not an instant healing. The Lord says, “Look, send her outside of the camp because it should be done this way – in traditional Jewish way.  It should be done this way she was ‘tum’ah’ she was not clean. Take her out of the camp for seven days. Let no one come before her or around her. Then, on the seventh day, she will be cleansed.”

They did that, she went out from the tent and did not see anyone.  She went out from the camp for seven days. She didn’t see or speak to anyone.  She came back and she was healed. It was a prayer like this, “Heal her!” Moses put a demand on his relationship with the Lord because he could.  Because that’s the way it was written. He was a friend of God, a prophet of God. He spoke the words of God and was obedient to God. He could put a demand on it and it came to pass.  

I am going to put this on you.  When you need something from the Lord and you need a healing for someone, because you know Him you can put a demand on Jesus.  He is the Healer, He is the Great Physician. You can saym, “Lord, heal me now. Heal my mother, Lord, now. Heal my friend now, Lord.  Heal my sister now, Lord.” You can put a demand on that because He is going to do that for you. He wants to do it for you. You don’t need to be meek about it.  If you know Him and He knows you and you’ve accepted Him in your heart then you can make a demand on that. It isn’t a bad demand, it is a demand that says, “We are in a relationship, please heal her now.”  In Jesus’ name. I am Jeffrey Levinson and this is God Today.