God Is With You

Friday, January 11th, 2019

We put [Him] above everything else, He promised everything else in our life would line up.
Rick Joyner


We are talking about God today.  God is sitting right there with you – right now.  He is sitting here with me, do we see Him? Do we have eyes to see?  He said of Moses, “He saw Him who was unseen.” Do we really see? Do we have eyes to see?  Abraham – to me one of the compelling things about Abraham – he was obviously a very wealthy man.  Part of the aristocracy of one of the great cultures and nations in the world at the time – he left it all for a dream, for a vision.  He even wandered in places where he didn’t know he was going. But, he knew exactly what he was looking for. He was looking for the city God is building.  Do you see His city?


I believe that is the compelling vision of every single sojourner since Abraham – they are looking for a city.  They’ve gotten a glimpse, they’ve gotten a vision of something that God is doing that is so much more awesome than anything man could do.  It would compel them to do what all the patriarchs did. Listen, they were so wealthy they made kings jealous. They were so wealthy, they could have built the greatest the palaces in the world at the time for themselves.  They weren’t interested. It says Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived in tents. Why? You have so much why wouldn’t you build an awesome house?


They weren’t focused on this life.  They knew this life was but a vapor.  How empty that palace would be if it tied them down wrongly.  They were on a sojourn, they were looking for God’s city. Nothing men could build was ever going to satisfy them after they saw His city.  They were saying the tents are good, this life is a vapor it’ll be gone quick.


I want to be a part of this city.  Do you see His city? Do you see what God is building?  Are you willing to do what they did? I believe most Christians right now are not in the geographical will of God.  They made decisions on where they were going to live, made other major decisions based on natural affections, or they like the geography, or wanted to be near family or friends, or whatever.  


Where would we be if we made every major decision on our life based on what the Lord gave us to base our decisions on when He said, “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.”  We put that above everything else, He promised everything else in our life would line up and He would take care of those things.