It’s Not About Me

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

You become a believing believer, when you start to believe the Word and the scriptures God has for us.
Diane McDaniel


Hello, my name is Diane McDaniel, pastor with Bethel Dallas Church, welcome to God Today.  I just have to tell you – I want to take just a moment to encourage you. When I was 27 years old, I was at a point in life where I was chasing money, I was chasing success, I was looking for opportunity to become wealthy and have a desire for significance.  I was doing everything in MY power to get that. But, then there was a day that I found Jesus – that changed everything. When I started to understand it wasn’t about what I could do, but about what He could do through me, and the blessing that could come from that – my whole life changed.


There was an ease about pursuing life.  There was an understanding it wasn’t about me anymore.  It wasn’t about pleasing my fleshly desires – it was about pleasing Him.  That is all that mattered. As a result of that, there are so many things that have happened in my life that I never imagined.  The glory that has happened because God takes you from glory to glory, and understanding when you become a believing believer, when you start to believe the Word and the scriptures God has for us, the promises He has for us.  


The more I understood the promises He had for us, the more I claimed what He had for me, and I made it personal – the more I was starting to see the fruit in my life.  Whether it was through my children, whether it was through my business, whether it was through me marriage, whether it was through my friendships / relationships. Now – 21 years later, as a result, having the opportunity not just to serve Him, but also serve Him in a mighty way.  An all out life to say, “Lord, whatever you have for me.” Now, He had us plant a church, we have a church called Bethel Dallas. He had us serve and pastor, and love people, and have the opportunity to do all things to His glory. I am telling you, the life that He has given us is glorious.


I pray right now.  Whatever situation you are going for, whatever frustration you are walking through, whatever you may be fighting for in your own flesh – that you would understand the power of the Holy Spirit – it would come upon you right now.  You would have the desire not to do it alone, but to partner with Him. He is the almighty partner, He is the best partner. So, thank you Father that you are taking the opportunity to partner, to lock arms with the individual listening to this and needing this right now, in the name of Jesus.  They receive it, they believe it, and they will walk in it from this day forward. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.