Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

God’s Word has the same power coming out of your mouth as it does coming out of His.
Robert Henderson


Hi, my name is Robert Henderson and I lead Robert Henderson Ministries and Global Reformers.  This is God Today. I am going to talk to you for just a moment out of the book of Genesis, chapter 1, all the way back at the beginning – chapters 1:1-2.  It says the Earth was void, it was without form, in other words it was in a chaotic state. The Bible says, “The Spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the deep.”  It says, “As the Holy Spirit is hovering in that place,” its says this, “God spoke.” He spoke and said, “Let there be light.”


I heard someone say one time, “Even God doesn’t speak unless the Spirit is moving.”  That is so good. Because what they also said was this, “How often do we waste our words in prayer before the Spirit is moving?”  You see, prayer is not coming and just bringing your list before God. No. You come and you cultivate, you step into His presence, you step into where the Spirit is moving.  From that place, you begin to make your requests known to the Lord. The Lord hears you.


That’s why Jesus said in Matthew 6:6, “When you pray,” He said, “Go into your room, shut your door.”  In other words, be isolated, be undistracted. “Tha Father who sees in secret, or the secret place where the Father is, He sees in secret and He will reward you openly.  I want to challenge you today as you pray. Don’t just come and go through some religious motion. Begin to worship. Begin to spend time with Him. Begin to adore Him. Let the Spirit of God begin to move over the face of the deep.  The deep of your heart. The deep of your life. The deep recesses of who you are. Begin to let the Spirit move over the deep. Then from underneath that deep, that moving of the Spirit, begin to speak forward. Begin to request, begin to decree, begin to declare.  What happens? When God began to do that, underneath the moving of the Spirit, everything started coming into order. Perhaps your life, perhaps your family, perhaps your finances. Maybe your business, your ministry is out of order. Go before the Lord and let the Spirit of the Lord begin to move upon the face of the deep.


From that place, begin to request.  Even more than that, begin to decree.  Well, somebody said, “But wait a minute.  That is God decreeing.” Here is what you need to understand.  God’s Word has the same power coming out of your mouth as it does coming out of His.  God says, “I will use your mouth to speak my words.” The same power of the Word coming out of God’s mouth, will exercise the same power coming out of your mouth as the Spirit of the Lord is moving on the face of the deep.  All of a sudden things begin to shift, things begin to change, things begin to take on the supernatural tone that God intended for them to have.

Let me pray for you.  Father, I pray right now that there would be a new life that would come on the prayer life of your people, on the place of decree of your people.  That even as they stand before you, Lord let them stand under the movement of your Spirit. Under the anointing of your Spirit. From that place, let requests be made and let decrees be declared that causes order to come into chaotic places.  Even families that are out of order. I see someone with a daughter, there are just bad things are happening. I say Divine order into her life, even as you speak into the situation from underneath the moving of the Spirit. Here is what the Lord is saying.  Begin to declare the hornet. God said, “I will send the hornet before you and it will drive out the enemies.” Begin to declare the hornet to go forth and drive out of her life everything that is not of God. So, I proclaim this over you, even as the Spirit of the Lord begins to move over you and your family.  Lord bless you in Jesus’ name.