Sunday, January 27th, 2019

He will tell you when to go to the left and when to go to the right...He will illuminate your path.
Joseph Infranco


Hi, everybody.  I am Joe Infranco and welcome to God Today.  I am an attorney with an organization called Alliance Defending Freedom.  It was an interesting trip – the way I got there from private practice in New York.


God really does direct our paths.  When He says He is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path – there is a reason for that.  God illuminates the way in front of us and we often don’t know it. I sometimes think you can be on one side of a building and God sends you to another side of the building and it makes no sense.  It is not until you get to that next point that you are able to turn and see something you would not have seen if you hadn’t obeyed the first step.


That was my experience in my work.  I was in private practice. I passed up some opportunities to try to serve God in my law practice.  Guess what happened? He opened the door for ministry called Alliance Defending Freedom where I have been blessed to work for the last 15 years.  The path that got there with that kind of offer was not always easy. There were times I questioned the decision I made. Did I take the right path?  Did I do something wrong? No. I had felt God’s leading; I felt like it was something He had in store for my life.


What’s the point of all this?  Maybe you find yourself in that place right now.  Maybe there is some way God is leading you. It might not make sense, but you are being faithful to those ways.  You are following, you are being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. As God is guiding you, you have those questions.  You know something? He has it all under control. He knows the number of hairs on your head. He’s got more thoughts towards us, the Scripture says, than there is sand in the beaches of this world.  


Let me encourage you.  If you find yourself wandering around a little bit; you aren’t sure where you re going to be landing or what you are doing…obey God.  He will tell you; He will guide you with His voice. He will tell you when to go to the left and when to go to the right, the Scripture says.  He will illuminate your path. Trust him because God is the one who is leading you when you commit your ways to Him.


Father, I pray for these people watching today.  For those who are looking for guidance, for those who have uncertainty, lead them Father, by your Spirit.  Let them know you are with them in every part of their life. I pray for them and that assurance for them. In Jesus’ name.  Thanks again, so much, for joining us. I am Joe Infranco and this is God Today.