Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Do it in love. You will be blessed. Do it with kindness so it will be accepted.
Jeffrey Levinson


Hi, I’m Jeffrey Levinson with God TV.  Welcome to God Today. Today I would like to talk to you a little bit about reproof or correction.  It is not always easy to heard and it is not always easy to take. I am a follower of Jesus and I read the BIble.  I try to act like a Christian in business, in ministry, and in my daily life.


I have been at what I do for quite a long time.  I have been working with Christian businesses for about 20-odd years.  I am pretty good at what I do. I thought I was VERY good at what I do.  I thought everything I did was good. If I was in a meeting, I would be talking up, I would bring our points across.  I thought I could close people great. All that was kind of true.


There were also some things I needed correction on and I wouldn’t have known it by myself.  One day, the head of our company was sitting in on our meeting, and I was with my supervisors that were.  We were having a meeting with some high level people. The head of my company was just watching. I noticed he wasn’t saying anything.  I thought the meeting went great – they always did. When we left, we went outside and I got a little bit corrected.


I am going to read you something so you understand what happened because it changed my life.  Basically, it is like this. “The wise recognize rebuke as a gift of gold,” says Proverbs 25:12.  “It is a kindness and a token of life.”… “Let a righteous man strike me, it is a kindness. Let him rebuke me, it is oil for my head.  Let my head not refuse it,” Psalm 141:5. If you accept a rebuke from someone, it blesses the person that is giving you the rebuke. God blesses that person.  the Lord knows it is not easy when someone comes to rebuke you and He knows it is not easy for you to accept it. That is why it is written in the Bible. It changed my whole life.  It changed my whole business perspective. It changed how I act in business. It made me a better person.


Because the rebuke was given to me in love, I accepted it immediately.  Immediately things changed in my life. Things got better. Things at home got better, things in business got better.  Relationships got better. I accepted a rebuke; the gentleman had told me, “Jeffrey, I love you. I am telling you this in all love.  You speak too much. You cut off this one. And you cut off that one. You did some good things, but you need to listen more. You need to not talk and finish sentences.  You need to listen more.” It changed my life. It made me a better person. I have a better person with this person. It has propelled me in the business I am in. I am in television, I am in Christian television.  It’s been a great thing.


You can do all kinds of things in life.  I am going to speak to you about when it is time for you give a rebuke.  Do it in love. You will be blessed. Do it with kindness so it will be accepted.  Remember, if that person didn’t come up to you, and that person didn’t come up to me and rebuke me – I may have fallen to folly.  I could have gone down a dead end, it could have been my ruin. Had he not come forth and the Lord not moved on him to give me a correction, he might have missed out on a blessing.


I am going to pray for you today, whatever you are going through.  If someone comes up to you and says a correction for you and does it in love, accept it.  Thank them for it and move on. You are going to be blessed for it. I pray this in Jesus’ name that you are blessed – this is your best day ever.  I am Jeffrey Levinson. This is God Today.