Hungry People

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Everything you ever need is in the veins of Christ. Healing, deliverance, the miraculous power of God can set you free.
Bill Vanderbush


Hi, this is Bill Vanderbush.  I am Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida.  You know, we are seeing amazing miracles happen in our community as the power of the Holy Spirit is flowing.  I know some of you are wondering, “Through a Presbyterian church?” Absolutely.


God is moving through traditional denominations because there are hungry people – I believe in every church – who are open to the moving of the Spirit and the presence of God.  Even people who may not seem that hungry, we are starting to see come alive to the awareness to the glory and the presence of God.


I’ll tell you one testimony we just had recently.  It was a lady in our church who had been coming for many years.  We are right downtown in a very tight knit community. A lot of people come because they want to get connected with others in the community.  She came in and said, “I just want to tell you.” After a service one night she said, “I want to tell you. A couple of weeks ago, I used to come in here and I’d sit and listen to the sermons.  I made friends in the church so I stayed here and I listened to the sermons. As I listened to you preach, I’d make fun of you in my mind – I didn’t believe anything you said. At the end of a message, you began to pray, and I closed my eyes and I said something to God that I never said before.  I said, ‘God, I never felt your presence. These people talk but experiencing your presence and having an encounter with you. I want to feel your presence.’”


That’s a dangerous prayer to pray, especially if you mean it.  She said she felt what was hot or warm oil going down into her chest, down her arms, down her legs.  She’s literally feeling this. It is not in her imagination, she is feeling it. She is a very intelligent lady, very educated, and she said, “Maybe this is a psychosomatic suggestion based on what I just prayed.  I expected to feel something and I did. So, I am going to take it a step further.” So she said, “God, I have never seen a vision before. Would you open up a vision for me? Let me see.” She said that behind her closed eyelids God put a picture fram up in front of her, a golden picture frame that looked like it was on fire.  In the middle of that picture frame was the face of Jesus. That face of Jesus she said she recognized immediately as Jesus. But, then it changed. It morphed into another face, and another face, and another race, and another aged person, and gendered person. All these different peoples as if the nations of the world were passing before here.  What she began to realize was that she had a sudden download where God said, “I have been putting myself on display in front of you your entire life. Humanity made in the image and likeness of God. He said, “I put myself on display in front of you your entire life and you totally ignored me. You had never known that I was surrounding you with my face.  Then, suddenly I opened my eyes. I realized my pain was gone. For many years she had fibromyalgia and MS. She said to me at this point, “That was two weeks ago. I don’t have any pain. Not only that, but I went back to the doctor and he found no trace of MS at all.”


See, this is what an encounter with God will do.  Sometimes I think God will wait for us to put a demand upon the answer He is carrying.  He already paid the price for every answer, for every situation you are facing right now.  I pray by faith, you will put a demand on that anointing that is available for you. That is a river that is running from the throne of God and running to you.  Everything you ever need is in the veins of Christ. Healing, deliverance, the miraculous power of God can set you free. Any situation, any problem, any disease you are facing right now.  I pray that today God would give you the faith to put a demand on that anointing. You would find that miracle that you know belongs to you, would be manifest in your life and your day.


Let me pray for you.  Heavenly Father, I pray right now, by your power, you would release healing over every person watching this today.  Today would be a day of miracles, the pain would go, the cancer cells would be made normal right now, God. The doctors’ reports of death and terminal illness would be reversed.  God, you would infuse every person there with hope and life. Abundantly. In Jesus’ name. Amen.