Generational Springs

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Because you encountered God and the hollow place was split, you began to drink deeply from the Lord.
Robert Henderson


Hi, my name is Robert Henderson.  I lead Robert Henderson Ministries and Global Reformers – that’s’ an apostolic family.  This is God Today. I want to talk to you about Samson out of Judges 25, after he had slain all the thousands with the jawbone of a donkey, the scripture says.


After he was in that conflict, he was so thirsty.  The Bible says, “In his thirst,” which is important, “he begins to cry out to God.”  As he cries out to God, it says that “God split the hollow place.” This is what you need to understand.  In Samson’s situation it was a literal hollow place. You and I all have a hollow place on the inside of us.  You need to know that you can get so thirsty for God that you will cry out to Him. It says, “Whoever is thirsty, let him come and drink.”  As we cry out to him, “I’m thirsty for God, I am thirsty for His presence, I am thirsty for His move.” Watch this. God splits the hollow place on the inside of us.  Everyone of us have that. Watch what happens. There was a spring of water that began to spring up, that the scripture says, “Samson drank of.”


The interesting thing about this is two very important things.  Its says that, as he drank of that spring it says that, “That spring is here till this day.”  That was the writing of the account. That spring is here to this day. In other words, God opened something that was generational in nature.  You need to understand that the intense times you walk through, where you become so thirsty for God, that in your crying out to Him, the reason God let you come to that place is not just for your sake.  It is so that out of your desperation, there can be something broken open that actually ministers for generations to come. That actually begins to feed generations to come. You see, that is why it is so intense at times.  You say, “Why am I going through this?” Maybe God wants to birth out of you something that is a flow that produces a generational reservoir that many people, for times to come, will drink of.


That is exactly what happened to me.  In my desperation, I cried to God. Guess what God did?  He broke open, in my desperation, a revelation of the courts of Heaven that is now, not only ministering to this generation, but is actually ministering, and will minister for generations to come.  Why? Because I walked through this very intense time where all I was trying to do was survive. All I was trying to do was get personal breakthrough. God broke something open that will allow people to drink, even for generations to come.  He wants to do the same thing with you. He wants you to be used fo Him to break these things open, so that not only do you get your needs met, but maybe thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, their lives will be changed because that battle you fought – and you won.  


There is something else.  It says that after this, “Samson judged Israel for 20 years.”  I love to say it this way: the drink of water Samson had on that day empowered him for the next 20 years.  When was the last time you had such a drink from God that it empowered you even for decades to come? I have had those kind of drinks, where i had been touched by God, I encountered God, I drank so deeply of Him, that literally I am still living today of fof that drink I got from Him.  That drink, from that spring that was opened empowered Samson for the next 20 years.


You see, there are these kinds of touches in God.  There are these kind of encounters and experiences in God.  You may feel like you are just trying to get by. Maybe God wants to encounter you, and have you encounter Him in such a way that not only does your life change, but your family’s life changes.  Your generation changes. Your grandchildren change, your great grandchildren change. Your family ceases to be what it was in its history and becomes something brand new because you encountered God and the hollow place was split.  You began to drink deeply from the Lord.


Let me pray.  Father, I want to ask right now.  You would bring us into these places.  We thank you that not only would we see our breakthrough come, but that breakthrough would have generational repercussions.  There would be a ripple effect from generation to generation. Lord, we would be empowered for decades because we have drank so deeply of who you are.  I thank you for these places and these encounters in you. That would be the reality and the experience of your people in Jesus’ name. Amen.