Monday, February 25th, 2019

No man can shift Earth unless he is first shifted by Heaven.
Dale Mast


Welcome to God Today.  My name is Dale Mast, I am the author of And David Perceived He Was King.  I want to share a thought with you concerning the life of David and concerning your life.  When Samuel the prophet came to Jesse’s house and he was to pick out the next king of Israel, you notice that He went through all the different sons and God said, “None of these are the king.”  The prophet turned Samuel to Jesse, the father, and said, “Are these all the sons you have?”


Now, some people believe that David might have been a child of one of Jesse’s handmaidens.  This would have meant he had no inheritance. There is a Psalm where David said, “I was conceived in sin.”  Literally, there are people that feel David was not directly from Jesse’s mother. That is why he would not have come.  He would not have had an inheritance, nor been seen to be chosen as the next king.


If that is true, we can understand that.  Let’s suppose for a minute that David was overlooked.  Can you imagine the pain David felt that here the prophet comes to pick out the next king of Israel, and David is not even seen or thought of by his father?  Everyone of us goes through situations where we have been hurt by our natural fathers, people in authority – we have been overlooked. David was. Why is this key?  Because David lived beyond that experience and beyond that hurt. One of the reasons the enemy tries to bring hurts between us and father figures is to keep us from coming into an expectation of what we would receive from him.


No man can shift Earth unless he is first shifted by Heaven.  I am talking about our Heavenly Father. When the Heavenly Father shifts your life, there is something that the forces of Earth cannot stop you.  You realize He is not just for you, He is with you. I believe this: for David to lose to Goliath would have been for Father God to lose. God hinges His reputation on your battles.  Because you look to Him in covenant, for you to win is for Him to win. For you to lose is fo Him to lose. God, I always say this, He has issues. First of all, He thinks He is God and I agree.  The second issue is, He believes He wins all the time – and I like that issue too. Even when it looked like Jesus was losing on the cross, the Devil was about to literally lose big time. God was about to win big.  


Whenever you feel like you are in a situation where, “I am losing it, it is all falling apart.”  There is resurrection victory for you. This is the season you are going to start believing what He has for you and what He is doing for you.  I want to speak this over you. Like David, you may have been overlooked, you may have been forgotten, you may look like you are being crucified in a situation.  God knows you by name and He loves you. You are going to overcome that deficit by the favor and the love of God. I believe because, literally, David’s father forgot him, God sent Samuel, the greatest prophet in all Israel, to come and celebrate David.  It brought him above the thing he experienced the hurt. This day I speak, God is sending somebody to celebrate you to take you above the pain of the past, to bring you into your destiny. God bless you.