Fulfilling Prophecy

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

It is not important whether you are just a cell, or a whole hand, or a mouth...fulfill your destiny and follow the prophetic.
Dr. Bill Hamon


Greetings to you!  I am Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian International Apostolic Network.  We have churches around the world. I have been training and equipping people in the prophetic for over 40 years.  In fact, I started prophesying in 1952. We have grown in grace and knowledge. But in 1988, we were part of the birthing of the prophetic movement that Christian international conference that we had.


I have written 3 books on guidelines for fulfilling your personal word of the Lord.  Let me tell you. There Is one thing you need to know. Prophecy, individually is for a lifetime.  When it is talking about your family, it’ll go for a generation. When it is talking about a nation, it might take centuries to fulfill.  You need to understand how to fulfill.


You can get a prophecy, but that is not the important thing.  It is fulfilling that prophecy. You can fulfill your prophetic word.  Saul got two prophecies that he didn’t fulfill to the letter. He didn’t do it like God said and God cut off his kingdom, cut off his heritage.  David committed murder and adultery – horrible sins. He repented and never did it again. God extended his heritage and generational blessing. You need to know, God is very concerned that you obey His word.  That is the reason we give the 6 steps to take to fulfill your prophetic word.


Everybody has a calling, everybody has a destiny, everybody has a work to do.  There is nobody that is a member of the Body of Christ that does not have a function.  If you are a member of the Body of Christ (if you are a born again Christian, you are) then you have a function.  You have a place to fulfill. It is not important whether you are just a cell, or a whole hand, or a mouth. What is important is that you fulfill your destiny and follow the prophetic.  I wrote 3 books on the prophetic and it gives you those guidelines. God bless you, obey the Word of the lord, fulfill the Word of the Lord. Know that God is going to work with you all the way through.  God bless you.