Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Ask God to enter in your life or enter in the issues you are struggling with. You will see God will move in you.
Rodrigues Pereira


Hello, my name is Rodrigues Pereira, I am from Portugal.  I am a part of the Portuguese Alliance. Welcome to God Today.  It is incredible in this day that we are leaving God. The other day, when I woke up, I felt so stressed and I felt so much anxiety in my spirit.  I told the Lord, “What is that? What is the reason I am feeling this anxiety?” The Lord told me, “That is not from you. You need to pray about that.  Many people are struggling with that. I want you to release something for other people.” I said, “He understands. That’s a big problem in many, many people around Europe.  They are struggling with many, many sins in their minds. They try to fight against them, but they don’t have enough peace to think and imagine the future for them. Their anxiety is a big issue they struggle with.


If you are living with those kind of sins and you are struggling with anxiety, stress, other things, you have a person who can help you.  Many times we think that peace is something utopic. It is not. The Bible says Jesus is the Prince of Peace. That means when you have Jesus in your heart and you have Him so strong in your spirit, and you believe in Him everything changes in your life.  That anxiety will go down. Jesus tried to explain that to His generation. He tried to explain how difficult it is to live with anxiety, without peace in our spirits. If you need peace, Jesus is the Prince of Peace, you can receive it now. Ask God to enter in your life or enter in the issues you are struggling with.  You will see God will move in you. You will receive peace. Not peace from man but peace from the kingdom of Heaven. That peace will lead you to new things in your life.


Many times when I struggle with sins, that is what I do.  I pray to God, “God, give me your peace.” I know when we are in the Kingdom we have the peace of God.  I also want to pray with you about this. Jesus, please bless all the people watching this video. Bless all of them and enter now in their lives, their minds, and spirits.  If there is something spiritual against them, now in the name of Jesus, I rebuke that in their lives. I declare the peace of God in their lives. Jesus, if there’s a problem leading their minds to create a lot of anxiety, please go to their hearts.  Lead right to their emotions. I want to finish by saying every time you live with anxiety, go to Jesus. Go to Him. You will see you will receive that peace. You will receive in your mind a new clarity for your future, for your projects, for everything God wants to use you for.  Be strong. Believe in God. Put your heart in Him. Use your faith to believe God can give that peace to you, from the heart.