Trust & Faith

Monday, March 4th, 2019

When we really let go, outside of our control is where God lives.
Buford Lipscomb


Hello, Pastor Buford Lipscomb here.  Welcome and thank you for joining us on God Today.  It is a joy to share for a few minutes from my heart and a little bit about what God has done in my life.


I want to talk to you today about an area that I believe if you take to hard, is a life altering principle.  Proverbs says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not to your own understanding. Delight yourself in Him and He will guide your paths.”  In Mark, Jesus says, “If you have faith in your heart and said to this mountain, be not removed and cast into the sea, it shall be done.” We believe in miracles and some of you watching this program right now, need a miracle.  I have learned it is one thing to believe God can do anything, but it is another thing to believe that He will. Another passage in Proverbs says, “Guard your heart, for out of it flow the issues of life.”


I believe real faith.  I believe we don’t see miracles.  Not because we don’t believe God can do it, but so many of us don’t know how to trust.  I grew up in a tough home. My dad was an alcoholic. There was a lot of neglect, even some abuse there.  People that loved me were not there for me. I learned and I didn’t realize until later, I couldn’t trust.  I became a Christian Later in my life. I read scripture after scripture about the importance of trusting God.  I had been taught, or I had learned, not to trust. I discovered it is something I just didn’t know how to do. I found out a lot of us today in the lifestyle, the broken homes many of us have come up in, we just don’t know how to trust.  We love God, we believe in God, we believe God can do anything, but we somehow know there is something inside our heart that we are just not sure He will. That creates doubt and a cloudiness.


Another word for trust is just letting to and letting God.  I had to come to place, finally, in my life. I had been born again, filled with the Spirit, in the ministry, but I had discovered I was still doing it for myself.  For me and my strength. I wasn’t fully trusting God. One day, I finally was able to let go and let God. Some of you need to let go and let God. You believe God, you love god, you know God can do anything.  In our hearts, real faith is joined with hearts that trust God fully. There is the old story about the man that fell off the side of the steep mountainside. He was falling and managed to take hold of a root that was sticking out.  He was holding on desperately for it. For the sake of his life. Finally, he cried out, “Help! Help! Help” There was nobody there. FInally, God spoke. He said, “I’m here. I will help you. Just let go.” There was a long pause and the man cried out, “Is there anybody else up there?  Is there anybody else up there?”


It is really difficult for us to let go and let God.  It was difficult for me, but I finally came to that place of completely and fully letting go and trusting God.  It was a lot, letting go of control. We have our disappointments and life and things happen. We react and we want to survive and we want to hold on.  When we really let go, outside of our control is where God lives. That is so important for us – that we let go and let God.


Maybe you are facing something today that you need God’s breakthrough.  You need a break through. You need a miracle in our life. My encouragement to you is to believe God, but also trust in your heart that He will do it.  Let go and let God.