Saturday, March 16th, 2019

His love intensifies. His love is multiplied.  His love begins to touch you even in greater ways.
Robert Henderson


Hi, my name is Robert Henderson and I lead Robert Henderson Ministries and Global Reformers an Apostolic family.  This is God Today. Thank you so much for joining us. I want to share with you really a mystery, or secret, or nugget of revelation here.  In Leviticus chapter 2 in verse 11, God talks about bringing burnt offerings, burnt sacrifices before Him. In Leviticus 2:11 it says they could not bring honey with any of their burnt offerings.  I heard someone say years ago, so powerful, that the reason they couldn’t bring honey was because honey is a natural sweetener. It is true – it is a natural sweetener. When fire touches honey, it becomes black, gooey, it smells bad, and puts off a black smoe.  It is not pleasant at all. That is what happens to our natural sweetness.


We can be nice, polite people, we can people that know how to be courteous to others – all these kinds of things.  That is natural sweetness. But watch when the fire hits it, when irritations come, when frustrations come, when aggravations come.  All of a sudden, that natural sweetness begins to put off black, gooey odors, and smoke, and all sorts of stuff. That is what God said you can’t offer honey with any of your sacrifices.  Because that is what happens to natural sweetness.


So what is supposed to happen?  We are supposed to have the fruit of the Spirit.  The Bible says in Galatians 5, that there is the fruit of the Spirit.  Which is love, joy, peace, and longsuffering, peace and kindness. All these different things that began to be worked into the very fabric of our lives.  When the fire hits them, it actually becomes more sweet, it actually becomes more pleasant. We are able to demonstrate the love of Christ. This is what Jesus said in Matthew 5.  When He said we were to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect. Watch what He said. He said, “Whis is kind to the unjust and is loving to the sinners.” In other words, He did not respond to them in their cruelness or in their grievousness towards them.  He was kind, He was gentle. You can only do that by the power of the Spirit.


I am talking to someone today.  Maybe you feel like, “These people are getting on my last nerve.”  That’s what we say where I come from. “These people are getting on my last nerve.”  Listen. I know exactly what that is talking about. I say, “God, work into me the perfection of the Father.” Just like He is kind to the evil, to the cruel, to the unjust, “Lord would you let that same level of kindness come into me.  So that I can demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ. Even in hard places. Even in places whether I can be kind to the unloving. That is what Jesus did. He loves the unlovable. That is what He did when you are I were in our sins. He loved the unlovable.  Somebody that is watching me. You feel like you are so unlovable. I need you to understand: Jesus loves you. His sweetness doesn’t put off the smokey, ooey, gooey things, or whatever when the fire hits it. No. His love intensifies. His love is multiplied.  His love begins to touch you even in greater ways.


Watch this:  in our failures is when His covenant love to us is made manifest.  You see, when we feel like we’re doing good, guess what? We feel like, “Sure, Jesus loves me.”  But, when we are doing bad, when we have made mistakes, when we have failed, when we want to toss in the towel.  Not try anymore. Please know: His love, His kindness, and His sweetness endures forever. Watch: He wants you to know that and receive that.  But, hear this: He wants to develop that in your life was well.


Let me pray.  Father, I thank you right now.  In Jesus’ name, we don’t just have natural sweetness, but we let the fruit of the Spirit come and be matured in our life.  We might manifest the love of Jesus, even to the unlovable. Lord, even as we receive the loving kindness and goodness of who you are.  Thank you, Lord for loving us so much in Jesus’ name. Lord bless you.