God The Father

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

...God loves you. Not because of everything you are doing right, God loves you because He is a Father who loves you.
Jenny Kutz


Hi, my name is Jenny Kutz.  I am a founder of Love To The Nations and part of a children’s home in Greece called AbbaHouse Thessaloniki.  I am so happy to be with you today and God Today. When I think about the Lord, one of my favorite characteristics of Him is His characteristic as a Father.  God the Father. This is something that has been so largely lost in Church and even the world. There are so many times when I am speaking in a church and I say, “Come up here if you need to sense the love of the Father God.”  I can’t tell you how people, when they sense the presence of the Father through Jesus Christ, how they weep, and how they’ve closed themselves off to so many things.


Today, I want to share with you about the Father’s love for you.  I grew up in church, I went to conferences, I went to events, I was in church.  There was this aspect of God that once I recognized it, once I realized it, changed my entire life.  Why? Because I realized I don’t have to perform in order to be loved. I don’t have to check everything off the list in order to be loved.  I just have to come to God as a child. I have to come to my Father as a child and just know I am loved because I have a Father who loves me.  I know that some of you have been trying so hard to please God. Trying so hard to check off all the lists, get everything right. I want to tell you right now that God loves you.  Not because of everything you are doing right, God loves you because He is a Father who loves you. He wants to pour out His unconditional love.


I remember one time I was in a service and the preacher said, “I want you to picture God pouring out His love on you.”  I remember closing my eyes and picturing God pouring out His love. I remember it was almost as if I could see His love.  It would stop right here. I remember thinking, but “God I didn’t pray enough, God I didn’t do enough, God I didn’t do this.”  I couldn’t receive the abundant unconditional love He was pouring out. I remember Him saying to my heart, “You are putting conditions on a love I have made unconditional.”  He said, “You need to take the limits off.” I remember taking those limits off of my mind and just receiving God’s love. Saying, “God, I know I don’t deserve it. God, I know I haven’t even earned it.  But, it is your love that is unconditional and you are pouring it out.”


I encourage you today – let’s pray right now.  Picture God, the Father, pouring out His love on you.  Don’t let all of those things you feel like you haven’t measured up – don’t let those things affect His love.  Let it invade your heart. Say, “Father, I receive your love. Come invade my heart. Let your presence fill my room.  Let your presence fill my heart. I receive your love as a child. You love me and nothing can change that. Let me know and believe the love that you have for me.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.”