Thursday, March 28th, 2019

We can choose to be overwhelmed by the burden of...the world...or be overwhelmed by His wonderful presence.
Larry Art


Hi, I’m Larry Art with God TV.  Welcome to God Today. I feel like the Lord wants to minister to you today about being overwhelmed.  Do you feel overwhelmed at your office? Overwhelmed at home with your family? Overwhelmed with a relationship you may be feeling with?  Or finances? There are so many today being overwhelmed with financial burdens.


I remember several years ago when I was very much overwhelmed with a problem I was having in our business.  I didn’t know where to go. It seemed to cripple my emotions, it seemed to cause me to doubt God and doubt His ability to help me to overcome this situation.  The Lord spoke to me. He said, “Larry, you need to spend time in my presence. It is only in my presence that I can overwhelm you with the ability to move forward.  Thus, eradicate the overwhelming feelings the enemy tries to put on us.” I started getting up every morning, earlier than I had before. First it was 30 minutes earlier and I would spend 30 minutes with God.  I would read the Word and worship Him. I would ask Him to fill me with His presence.


The longer I did that, the more that I did that faithfully everyday, His presence began to come and overwhelm me every morning.  After awhile, I was waking up at 3:30, 4 o’clock in the morning. His presence would meet me. I couldn’t wait to come down and talk with Him.  He would speak to me from His word and I would worship Him. It was the most wonderful time. I remember His words were so clear and so perfect in my heart and in my ears.  It gave me the strength and the ability to not be overcome by my situation.


This is how the Lord wants to deal with you.  He wants to overcome the overwhelming feelings the enemy is putting on you and overwhelm them with Himself.  In Acts 1:5, Jesus said, “John will baptize you with water, but I am going to baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”  The word “baptize” in the Greek means “baptizo”. It literally means ”to be overwhelmed with”. God wants to overwhelm us.  I want to encourage you today to spend time with Him – alone in quiet with Him. Tomorrow morning and every morning after that.  Let Him come and overwhelm you with His presence. We can choose to be overwhelmed by the burden of sin, the burned of the day, the burden of the world.  Or we can sit at Jesus’ feet and be overwhelmed by His wonderful presence.


Let me pray with you today, that you can really get the motivation, the ability to spend the time with Jesus that it would take that His overwhelming presence can come into your life and help overcome all the challenges you are facing.  Let’s pray. Father, we thank you for your wonderful, wonderful presence. We thank you, Lord God, that you are faithful. We are thankful we can come into your presence boldly and sit at your feet. I just pray for each person watching today, Lord.  Your precious Spirit and your precious presence would come and overwhelm them so much, Lord God. They would feel the cares of the world melt away and they would be able to move forward into what you have. Your perfect plan, your perfect desire for their life today and each and every day.  In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.