The Introvert

Friday, April 5th, 2019

Always be listening to what God wants to tell you. You’ll be surprised what God can do through you.
Jessica Koulianos


Hi, I’m Jessica Koulianos from Jesus Image.  I just want to talk to you today about being (kind of) somebody that is shy to step out in what God has for you. I am kind of an introvert and I’m around a lot of people, like Todd White, like my husband Michael, who just go up and pray for everybody all the time and that’s never been something I’m comfortable with.  But, I always watch for how the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. Sometimes He will just talk to you by having somebody ask you questions that seem a little bit unusual, they’ll just kind of be striking up conversation. Normally, what I’ve learned is that is the Holy Spirit saying, “Go a little deeper start talking to them”.   


So, I have a cool story.  I was at the bank a few months ago and there was a lady, she was Muslim, she was just helping me out at the bank, there was a line of people behind me, and she started to ask me questions.  Things that people at the bank, bank tellers, don’t just ask random people. “What’s your name, what do you do? What are you about?” So, I just thought, “Ok, God, this must be you, I cannot miss this opportunity, I don’t want to walk out of here, because God will give us little tests and if we’re faithful with the one person, He will open the door for a massive harvest of souls.  I wanted to be obedient to God even if I felt like an idiot – which I did kind of feel like a fool because people were listening. I just said, “Do you know that Jesus loves you?”


And she goes, “What?” And I go, “Do you know that Jesus loves you?” I said, “I’m a minister and I just want you to know that Jesus loves you”.  But, I didn’t have to be a minister I could have just said: “Hey, Jesus loves you”. And she started crying. As she’s giving me the cash I went in for, she’s crying, people are staring at us, her co-workers are looking at her.  I said, “I just want to let you know Jesus loves you, He died for you, and He is the son of God. He wants you to know today that He loves you”.


It changed her day, it changed my day.  It gave me faith, you know, just something as simple as saying to somebody, “Hey, Jesus loves you”.  People are hurting and people need to know that God loves them that He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die for them.  I have to be honest, maybe 3 times I’ve been turned down in my life, and typically (the funny thing is) they’ve been at Christian events.  That’s the time where I say, “Can I pray for you, I have something I want to tell you about the Lord”, they’ll keep going. But, the lost, the sinner, I have never been turned down one time.  Because I am just relaying the love of God to them and God set up the moment for me. It really is Him telling them how much He loves them, I’m just there as a messenger. And He will never fail you.  Don’t ever be afraid. Get out there, just tell somebody, “Jesus loves you”. Ask them if they need prayer. You’ll be surprised how many people tell you, “You know what, yea, I have some pain in my back,  I’m going through a divorce, I have some issues in my family. Always be listening to what God wants to tell you. You’ll be surprised what God can do through you.


So, I’m gonna pray with you real quick.  Lord, anoint them to go out in boldness and faith and share the love of God.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.