God Can Use You

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

I've got a plan for you, I've got dreams for you, I've prepared you for such a time like this.
Pat Schatzline


Hello this is Pat Schatzline with Remnant Ministries International and welcome to God Today. Have you ever felt like, “Man, I wonder if God can use me?” I believe that God is raising up the unqualified, you know I’m reminded of First Corinthians 1:26 through 1:28 where it says, “Take a good look friends at who you were when you got called to this light.” It goes on to say in the message Bible “God does not necessarily choose the brightest, the best and the most influential, but he tends to choose the one who confounds the wise.”

That’s who God is raising up right now. He’s raising up the ones who maybe have horrible pasts and horrible histories but somewhere along the way they encountered God.


You know what I’ve learned, scars on earth are testimonies in Heaven. And what I’ve also learned is what you’ve been through is also a great indication of who you are called to. No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what mistakes you’ve made. What if you started fresh today and found out that God has been waiting to use you. He’s been waiting to raise you up. He’s going to raise up the ones that everyone else looks around and says “no way” and then God says “ya way”.


He’s going to raise up the ones that people will look around and say, “You know what they did.”

And here is what I’ve learned, when the Devil reminds you of your past, God reminds you of your future. See the Devil can’t see your future, God can. He says: “I’ve got a plan for you, I’ve got dreams for you, I’ve prepared you for such a time like this.”


So here is what I want to speak to you today, no matter what you’ve done, realize God is going to use the unqualified. From cover to cover God’s word is about those that who should have never been used.

I’m reminded of Isaiah’s description of Jesus, it didn’t describe Jesus as good looking, it didn’t describe Jesus as from the best family. In fact Jesus was born on the wrong side of town. But what you have to understand is God used a savior who became our mediator between God and man. He gave us a priest who knows what we’ve been through and what you’ve got to realize is this is what God is raising up, the nobodies, the remnants, the ones that he’s been waiting to use.


So bottom line is this, on this day stand up and realize that what you’ve been through doesn’t own you, Jesus has got you, ask him to invade your life and change you.

Let’s pray together, Father I pray that everyone who is watching right now will begin to realize that God uses the one that may have a horrible past but with His power and His love He takes and puts his powerful spirit into broken vessels.. Lord raise up the unqualified, those that nobody saw coming but most of all saying to themselves, raising the ones who when they look back they realize that was a mile marker instead of a tombstone. I pray you refresh and restore life today and those who are watching right now have a God empowered day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.