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Saturday, April 13th, 2019Kelsey Morris

Meeting Jesus


Hi, I’m Kelsey Morris with Together In The Harvest Ministries and you’re watching God Today. You know, many of you watching this might have heard of my dad before.  His name was Steve Hill, the evangelist at the “great revival”, Brownsville Revival. You know, my whole entire life I was raised under a great evangelist, he was amazing and my mom as well.  I mean, I ran down to the altar for altar calls, if you know him you know it’s that fiery altar call and people are going to dive to the altar. So, I would dive to the altar at 8 years old and one time my dad said, “Ok, you don’t have to go to the altar so much, I think you’re saved.”   As I got older, people would ask me, “When was that moment that you met Jesus, when was that moment you had this encounter that changed your life forever?” And, I could never tell them that moment. It would get me so frustrated. It was to the point I went to bible school, I preached, you know, I mentored people, I spoke into people’s lives, but I could never tell them that moment that I met Jesus.  


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