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Tuesday, April 16th, 2019Robert Henderson



Hi, my name is Robert Henderson and I lead Robert Henderson Ministries and Global Reformers.  This is God Today. Thank you so much for joining us. YOu know, in Galatians 4, the apostle Paul begins to speak to the Galatians that he had given birth to this church.  He said, “You guys loved me.” It says, “You guys literally would have plucked out your own eyes and given them to me because of how blessed you were.” And he said, “Because you received me as an angel.”  The he said, “No, wait. You received me even as Jesus Christ himself.” That’s what Jesus said, “He that receives you, receives me.”


The apostle Paul is saying, “Look, you add high esteem, you add high value to me.  I need you you to understand. You can only receive from that which you honor. If honor ever leaves your heart toward anybody, you have just left the capacity to receive from them.  Whether it is your pastor, an apostle, whoever it may be. You can only receive from that which you honor.” So they are receiving Paul as an angel, even as Jesus Christ.


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