The Power Of Righteousness

Friday, April 19th, 2019

You have the power to pray for people, you have the power to lead them to Jesus who can move mountains for you. In Jesus’ name.
Jeffrey Levinson


Hi, my name is Jeffrey Levinson with God TV and welcome to God Today.  Today I would like to talk to you a little bit about the power of righteousness.  I would like to explain to you a little about righteousness to you and how there is power in it.


Righteousness, in the eyes of the Lord, is absence of sin.  It would be if you had no sin in you, you would be accorded righteousness.  Abraham was accorded righteousness by faith. He had faith and was accorded righteousness.  What is righteousness? In the beginning, in Genesis, in the beginning, God was there with the Messiah, Yeshua Jesus, who was the Word and the Holy Spirit.  God said, “Let us make man in our image.” What did it mean, “Let us make man in our image?” It meant, “Let us make men like us. Let us make man that is righteous like us, without sin.”  He made forth and brought forth Adam into the Garden of Eden.


Adam was righteous, there was no sin in him.  Adam was like God. He could create things, he could name things, he was in the Garden of Eden and he was accounted righteous.  God said, “Let us make man in our image.” But, then there was the fall of man, the fall of Adam. Satan got a hold of him through his wife, Eve.  It was actually Satan, it wasn’t Eve, but he fell. He fell into sin. Sin was brought into man.


Then what happened was we bring it a little bit forward and God chooses the people of Israel and Israel chooses God.  Because God had given man free will by this point, which Adam had as well, there was sin in his life. They said, “Lord, how do we find favor in your sight?  How do we find righteousness?” God said, “All you have to do is love me. All you have to do is seek me and that is it.” They said, “Lord, look, you need to tell us how can we be found righteous?”  He said, “I’ll tell you what. I will give you the 10 commandments. More than that, and the Jewish Sages were brought forth the 613 commandments. If you can follow these commandments from the law, the five books of Moses, or from the teaching as it were.  If you can follow these you will be found righteous.” There were 613 commandments. Those 613 commandments bring us into the New Testament. How does it bring it into the New Testament? What is righteousness? What is the power of righteousness?


Jesus, when He walked the face of the Earth, was man and God.  He was both man and God and He was walking in righteousness. There was no leaven in Him, there was no sin in Him.  He was righteous. He was walking amongst the town and there was a woman – we all know the woman with the issue of blood for years.  She had sought doctors, she was bereft of money because she had paid all this money to try and get healed. She was ill, she was near death, she had a blood disease, she was unclean in the city.  It went on for years and years. She probably sought God and she probably learned the things of God. As a man of God, Jesus walked in her town. She said, “If I could just but touch the hem of His garment.”  


She was studying the things of the Lord. If she was studying, it wasn’t just the hem of His garment, perhaps His trousers, His tunic, His robe. What it was, it was probably because He wore it, the tzitzit or the fringe.  For God had commanded the Jewish people that they would wear a fringe so they would forever remember the commandments and the righteousness of God and how to attain it. They couldn’t attain it, it would be very hard to maintain the 613 commandments represented in the knots here.  All of these other tassels don’t mean anything, it is just the four fringes.  God said, “Let there be fringes upon you that you would remember my commandments.”


She said, “If I could just but touch the hem of His garment.”  How do we know it was righteousness? How do we know it was power?  Because she reached out and she touched it and immediately, Jesus, who was surrounded by a throng, surrounded by His apostles, said, “Who touched me?”  They said, “Lord, Lord, there are many around, how do you know?” He said, “Who touched me? Because I felt power go out of me.” That power that went out of Him was righteousness.  She touched it, she was accorded His righteousness, she was healed immediately. I am telling you, that power, by faith when you accept Jesus, is on you. You have it. You have the power to be healed.  You have the power to pray for people, you have the power to lead them to Jesus who can move mountains for you. In Jesus’ name. I am believing that by faith, you are also accorded that righteous because you accepted Jesus in your heart.  


I am praying today that you would use that power of righteousness that Jesus has given you, to move that mountain.  In Jesus’ name, I am Jeffrey Levinson. This is God Today.