Pray It In

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Heaven is responding. God hears you. Would you dare to believe He is bringing answers to your prayers today?
Ana Werner


Hi, I am Ana Werner with Ana Werner Ministries and welcome to God Today.  I wanted to share with you this morning a really fun encounter that I had with the Lord in Heaven one day.  But first, I wanted to share a Scripture. I John 5:14 says this, “This is the confidence we have before Him that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”


Do you really believe that?  Like, I look at that Scripture and I am really challenged.  There are times when I am going through something and I am like, “God, do you even hear me?  Do you even care? Do you see what I am going through”? Maybe you are like me and right now you are going through something in your life.  This is why I want to share this encounter with you.


One day, I was going through a very challenging season with my kids.  I am a mom of two young children and I felt completely – just one of those days where i felt defeated.  Can I really do this, God? I went to the Lord and I was actually crying that day. I said, “God, I am just so tired.  There is a lot going on in our lives at the moment.” Out of that moment, He showed me something. Suddenly, I went into vision.  I saw myself in this room, in Heaven. As I looked in the room, I saw Jesus was in the center of the room. And angels were everywhere.  It was a really busy room. I call this room the “mailer room”. I don’t know what God calls it – that is my word for it.


There were angels everywhere bustling about, as far as I could see, I could see shelves lining the walls of this room.  As far down as I could see, and as high up as I could see. There were all these little parcels on these shelves. I would watch and I would see the angels go and grab a parcel and then get instruction from Jesus.  He would tell them and they would go grab it and look to Jesus. He would say something to them and i would watch them zoom down – I could see them. That’s when I saw they were going down with those parcels ot the Earth below.


Then I looked around and saw there were some angels just standing by the shelves waiting.  I was so confused. I said, “Jesus, what are they doing? Why aren’t they delivering the parcels?”  He said this to me, “They are waiting for my saints down below to pray the prayers that will bring those parcels in so I can respond.”  That totally wrecked me. I came out of that encounter and you can believe me, my prayer life changed from that moment forward.


My favorite saying, you can ask my husband, I always say this, “Let’s pray it in, hon.  Let’s pray it in.” I really believe the power of our prayers and our intercession actually unlocks things in Heaven.  When you pray, I want to encourage you – really pray. Ask the Lord for what it is you are needing in this season. Don’t hold back, don’t hold back.  Sometimes we don’t pray for the things because we think, “Maybe this could be too silly.” Dream big!


There are things I am praying for in this season of my life that I never would have prayed for 5 years ago.  Now I am praying them and I am watching God do miracles. I am watching Him fulfill my prayers. I want to encourage you today, your prayers matter.  When you pray and you say, “Does God even hear me?” Listen, Heaven is responding. God hears you. Would you dare to believe He is bringing answers to your prayers today?


Let me pray for you.  Jesus, I pray right now for everybody watching this and myself included.  God would we dare to have faith and believe that you are really going to do incredible things, God?  You are going to bring your breakthrough and you are bringing answers to our prayers. God, you are going to move the mountain.  Any obstacle that is standing in our path right now, we just agree, in faith, that you are bringing answers to those prayers today.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.