The Car

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

God met her need, God met my need, and God will meet your need. God loves you, child of God.
Craig Walker


Hi, I am Pastor Craig Walker.  I am the lead pastor of Upward Church and Christian author.  I pray you are having a fantastic day in Jesus. I want to share a testimony with you.  Maybe you are the person that needs to hear this encouraging word.

My wife and I were getting ready to go to China to be missionaries.  We had sold everything we had except for a car that we needed to use until pretty much we were ready to go and our time was running out to go.  We had a “for sale” sign in the window. We had like two weeks before we were living, so we were getting down to crunch time. I was stopped at a gas station putting gas in it.  I got in the car, after i paid for the gas. I was pulling off, and a woman came running up to my window, beating on the glass. I rolled down the window – I didn’t know what she wanted.  She said, “You are selling this car, aren’t’ you?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but I got up this morning, and the Lord told me he was going to show me the car for me today.  I aid, “Ok, Lord, where is the car?” He said, “Get in your car now – your present car – and drive down the road and I will show you the car.” She said, “I was driving down the road, I looked over at the gas station, you were pumping ga.s  And I saw the “for sale” sign. The Lord said, “That is it.”

I said, “Lord, he is getting ready to pull away, are you sure that’s it?”  He said, “Turn around, that’s the car.” She said, “I just did catch you.” The story ends this way.  She found out our story, said, “Listen, you can use the car for the next 2 weeks. I don’t need it until then.  Use it until you go to China. Here is the money. I want to buy this car.” God met her need, God met my need, and God will meet your need.  God loves you, child of God. He’s got your interests at heart, Trust Him. Watch God provide all that you need.

Let’s pray together.  Father, I thank you that you are no respecter of persons.  I thank you, God, that you know every need out there, everyone that is watching.  You know exactly what they are up against. You have already made a provision. We don’t maybe see it yet, but you have already made the provision, Lord.  I pray their faith will stand strong until the answer comes. In Jesus’ name. God bless you. Amen. I am Craig Walker. That’s God Today.