Being Aware Of God

Friday, April 26th, 2019

God is actually inspiring you and He is hungry for some things in you that are going to advance you.
Shawn Bolz


Hi, I’m Shawn Bolz with Bolz Ministries.  Welcome to God Today. I just wanted to share a story, real fast, about going to a coffee shop recently.  There was this girl there that I just noticed. And I happened to notice her in a spiritual way. Where I looked at her, and I was like, “God, you have thoughts about her, you have feelings about this girl that somehow I’m in touch with right now”.

The Bible says, in 1 Corinthians 2, that the Holy Spirit searches the deepest parts of God’s heart and the deepest parts of man’s heart and connects them together.  We actually get to know the mind of God, the thoughts of Christ for the world around us. And I had one of those moments, just like some of you, might have read the Bible and life application came into your awareness.  I was looking at this girl and there were some life application words for her that were coming to my awareness.

Here’s the first one, I looked at her and I was like, “Hey, do you have a script that you threw in the trash?”  And she said, “What?” And I said, “Get the script out of the trash.” And she looked at me like, “How do you know this? Who are you? What is this? What’s going on right now?”  And the whole place actually looked at us and was like, “How does this guy know this? What is this? Is this reality television, what are we doing right now?” And I said, “Get this script out of the trash.  God gave this to you, He gave you this ability to write this script and He wants to publish the script with you.” And she started getting tears in her eyes but also laughing. And she said, “You have no idea.  This is my last coffee in Los Angeles, this is my last copy of the script, I deleted it off my computer, I was going to throw it in the trash and leave LA forever.” I said, “So, apparently God thinks your script is good because He is telling me to share this with you.  Do you have a minute to talk?”

So, we sat down and we talked for awhile.  And there was this moment where she came into the awareness that God loved what was in her more than she even loved what was in her.  She wasn’t a believer, she didn’t know Jesus. As I explained who Jesus was and that God first revealed himself as a Creator in the Bible, it changed everything for her.  She had been told God was one thing, but she had finally heard who God was from somebody who really knew Him and it made all the difference in the world for her.

I want to encourage you to share whatever God is showing you in your heart.  Some of us go, “I don’t hear God”. If you’re reading the Bible and getting any life application out of it, if you had an awakening to even watch this video, you’ve heard God.  Because there is no reason you’d want to grow without having something inside of you compelling you to grow, which is not yourself. You’re not a self-made man or woman, you’re not a self-taught person, God is actually inspiring you and He is hungry for some things in you that are going to advance you.

I want to pray for you right now because I believe that God is going to do something where you become more aware of His voice than you ever have been before.  But also, that there is a place inside of your heart that you go, “Not only have I heard God and that I hear God, but I want to be made aware, so that people like this girl, who is about to throw away her script, they actually see God working in their life in and out”.  

Holy Spirit, come, I pray that you would show us when you’re here, when you’re around us; when you want to do something.  Let us be so sensitive to your love, aware of your love, and your presence in the world around us. And I pray, God, that we would hear from you in ways that we never even thought we could.  God, the Old Testament, and the New Testament show all kinds of ways of how you spoke, would you do it again in our lifetime? We pray that you would activate the Word of God in our life, through the power of prophecy, and the power of proclaiming your love to the world around us.  In Jesus’ name.