Queen Esther

Monday, April 29th, 2019

He is going to rescue you. He is going to open doors to your destiny. He is not going to let evil prevail. Will you trust Him?
Jennifer Mallan


Hi, I’m Jennifer Mallan from Reliant Family Church in Tampa, Florida.  Welcome to God Today. So, I want to talk about a happy feast. I want to talk about a happy celebration.  Listen, God loves joy. It is a fruit, He wants us to have joy, overwhelming happiness. The devil does not want us to have joy.   The devil hates joy, religious spirits hate joy.

I want to tell you about a celebration that happens on the Hebrew calendar, the Jewish lunar calendar every year.  It is called the feast of Purim. It is in Esther 9:26 if you want to look it up. It is about the Jews, getting together, and they celebrate.  We can participate in that because we are all Jewish believers. What happens here, is there is a woman that God raises up. There is a woman that gets put in position.  There is a woman that didn’t even have her sights on the palace. That was not what she inspired to be, it is not what she was being groomed to be. In fact, she was an orphan.  I relate to her because I was an orphan.

Here is this woman, she lost her mother and father.  I love the word of God because it says, “When your father and mother forsake you, the Lord will take you up.”  Here she is, her uncle Mordecai takes her in. There is a disruption in the palace. Queen Vashti is banished because she got a little attitude.  Ladies and gentleman, we need to work on our attitude because we can lose our position when we get a little attitude.

Here comes Esther, she gets recommended.  She gets in the line-up, she gets chosen. What does this show me?  It shows me there was going to be a problem, but God already had a solution.  You were born into this world to be a solution. You were born into this world to be a curer.  You were born into this world. You have a destiny, you have a purpose. There is something only you can fix.  There is something only you can cure. There is something only you can do that God created you for. He needs you, He works through people.  He wants us to work through you today.

He knew there was going to be a problem, He knew there was an evil conspiracy against the Jewish people, His chosen people.  He knew that Haman was going to come. He knew Haman was going to lie. He knew that Haman was going to make up all of these things.  But, He already had Esther in place. God has you in place, He has the thing you need in place. So, the long of the short, and I encourage you to get in this book, study it, eat it up, because when you do you will understand why they had joy.

Nehemiah 8:10 says, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”  When we have joy, when we see God fulfill our promises, it gives us strength to serve Him.  Here is our sweet little Esther, God raises her up, and she goes. She says, “Is there not a cause?”  She fasts. She calls her people to fast with her. She prays, she seeks the Lord. She risks her life, she makes a bold move.  She busts into the King’s chambers without an invitation. He extends mercy and grace to her. Then she uses wisdom, and discernment, and grace, and gentleness to prepare a table and to make her request.

What is the end of this story?  The end of this story is that she rescued a people.  She saved a nation. The evil plot was overturned. The curse was broken and great joy came to her people; came to the land.  Today it is still celebrated. Listen, there are curses in our life that need to be broken. God already has the answer. God is right there waiting.  God has you as a proverbial Esther. He has an Esther for you. He is going to rescue you. He is going to open doors to your destiny. He is not going to let evil prevail.  Will you trust Him? Will you believe Him? Will you choose to walk in joy?

Can I pray for you?  Father, thank you for these men and women.  God, no matter what they are going through, you know, you see, and you care.  You already have the solution. You already have something and someone in place.  I thank you that joy would be there countenance today and the joy of the Lord would be their strength.  Thank you for celebration to come. In Jesus’ name.