3 Servants, Part 1 - God Today
Sunday, May 5th, 2019Chris Mikkelson

3 Servants, Part 1


Welcome to God Today, this is Evangelist Chris Mikkelson. We are just doing a little Bible series here on being faithful to God with what he’s given us. I love this story in Matthew 25:14. It starts, the story of the man who had given ‘talents’, this money, to some of his servants. To take that money and use it for a purpose to gain money, to gain wealth and to make a living with. And so, the story goes that he had 3 servants and gave each of them ‘talents’ according to their own ability the Bible says here. You know, God gave us talent according to our own ability. To some he gives more talent, but he gives us these talents to use to benefit his kingdom.

The Bible goes on to say that to one he gave 5 talents, to another he gave 3, and to one person he only gave only 1 talent. And each of them went out and did different things with their talents. And the Bible says that one of them came back and took the 5 talents that the master has given him and he turned that 5 into 10 more talents. And the Bible says that the master said to the servant “well done, now good and faithful servant for you were faithful in the small things, I will make you ruler over many things.”

My friends when you are faithful with the things that God has given you, whether it be a big thing or a small thing. Whatever that thing is that God has given you, whether it be your job, your marriage, your relationship with others, maybe your relationship with your pastor, or whatever it is. When you’re faithful with the small things that God has given you, then He can know He can entrust you with much much more.

And so it’s all important to be faithful with that which God has given you. Don’t allow that which God has given you to just sit in the way side. Don’t allow the talents that God has given you to sit on the book shelf collecting dust. But use that talent. Maybe you have a gift to sing and lead worship, maybe you’ve got a gift for business or whatever it is, use your talents that God has given you to benefit the kingdom, to expand the kingdom and to bring glory to Jesus everywhere you go. Can I just pray for you right now?

Father I thank you for each and every person listening. God I just pray that you would just go before them, that you would just use them, use the talents that you have given them. To be a blessing to other people and to advance your kingdom so you would get glory everywhere they go. In Jesus’ name. Amen.