3 Servants, Part 2 - God Today
Monday, May 6th, 2019Chris Mikkelson

3 Servants, Part 2


Welcome to God Today, this is Evangelist Chris Mikkelson. And I’m just in the middle of a series here talking about faithfulness to God. We’ve been looking at this passage here Matthew 25:14 through 25, talking about the parable that Jesus told about a master who had 3 servants whom he gave different talents to. And to the faithful servants, one of the faithful servants, came back and took those 5 talents that the master had given him and turned them into 10 talents. And now the master says this: “well done, now good and faithful servant for you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.”

And then he says this phrase: “Enter into the joy of the Lord.”

You know my friends, when we are faithful with what God has given us, we enter into the joy of the Lord.

I remember before coming to Christ, I was using my gifts and my talents for myself, I wasn’t using them for God, I wasn’t faithful with what God had given me to benefit the kingdom, expand the kingdom and bring glory to God. And as a result I was just miserable, I was just living my life for myself, I was just trying to please me. But when I came to Jesus and began living with Jesus and living with what God had given me; I began to enter into this joy of the Lord because I knew I was being faithful with my life, i was being faithful with what God had given me.

And I want to ask you this morning, maybe you’re struggling with some things, be faithful with what God has given you, and as you’re faithful for God and what he’s given you, I believe you will enter into such a joy of the Lord it will a joy unspeakable.

I remember when I learned how to evangelize and share my love with people it was like that’s all I ever wanted to do and ever since I’ve been telling people about Jesus and I’ve been using that talent that God has given me, that ability He’s given me, to share Jesus with everyone. And it’s brought joy into my heart and in my life, the joy of the Lord which is our strength.

So let me just pray for you. Father I just want to thank you for each and every person. God I pray that they will be faithful with what you have given them. God whether it be a gift to cook and clean or a gift to be a good mother or a good husband, or good father, or maybe it’s a gift of evangelism, or whatever that gift it. God I pray that you’d use them, you would give them and use them for your kingdom and glory, that they would be faithful with the little that you’ve given them and Lord as they are, they will become rulers over much and they’ll enter into the joy of the Lord. I just thank you for each and every one of them and I bless them in Jesus’ name. Amen.