3 Servants, Part 3

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

I just want to encourage you, be faithful with what God has given you.
Chris Mikkelson


Welcome to God Today this is evangelist Chris Mikkelson. We are just doing a series here on faithfulness, being faithful to God with what He has given us. The Bible says here in Matthew 25 that there is a master who said to his servant, he said: “well done, now good and faithful servant for you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.” You know when we are faithful with the little things God has given us, He can entrust us with much much more.

I remember when I was a brand new Christian, there was a moment in my life when God was really beginning to speak to me about this particular passage; being faithful with the little things. And I remember going, one day I was going out to study the Bible, I was going to go to this coffee shop and begin studying the Bible, and i had my Bible and concordance and Bible dictionary in my hands and I was heading out the door of my apartment, and I wanted to go grab a soda. So I went to the vending machine, I had a few quarters in my pocket and I put $0.55 into the machine to buy this soda. And, out came to sodas. When I bought one soda. and I was like,” wow God’s really blessing me with 2 sodas!”

So I grab the 2 sodas and I’m thinking I got these 2 sodas for the price of one. And I hear the still small voice of God in my heart say “be faithful with the little and I will make you ruler over much.” And I remember thinking to myself, I didn’t pay for that second soda, I only paid for one. And I ignored the thought, and I went to my car and I opened the car door and as I was opening the car door, one of the sodas rolled out of my arms and hit the side of my car and it exploded everywhere. And God said “be faithful with the little.”  And immediately I knew, I needed to pay for that soda, I had only paid for one, but I got 2.

So I reached into my pocket, grabbed some more change and I ran to the office of the apartment complex and I gave $0.55 to the office manager. Of course she thought I was nuts, she didn’t understand what I was doing. But I was trying to be faithful with the little thing because I understand this principle.

If we’re faithful with the little things that God has given us, maybe it’s the little bit of money that God has given us or the talents that God has given us, or maybe it’s a gifting like evangelism, or being a prophet, or a teach or a pastor. When we’re faithful over what God has given us, He’ll make much ruler over much much more.

And so I just want to encourage you, be faithful with what God has given you, don’t use it lightly, but use that thing to bring glory to God’s kingdom for him in Jesus’ name.

And I just want to pray for you as we close.

Father, I thank you for each and every person. God I pray that as they’re faithful in the little, you’ll begin to give them more and more and more. That they will have an abundance for your kingdom so that you would be glorified through their life, through their ministry, through their relationships, through their business, with their finances, with whatever it is. God I pray that you would bless them and use them for your kingdom and glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.