God Opens Doors

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

God opens doors no man can shut and He closes doors no man can open.
Michael Wolf


Hi, I’m Rabbi Michael Wolf, writer, director, and author and this is God Today.   It’s great to be with you today. I want to talk about the miraculous opportunities of open doors.  God opens doors no man can shut and He closes doors no man can open. I think about the film we made, The Sound Of The Spirit, one thing after another was God opening doors miraculously.   Even the way the funds were raised – the man who raised the funds for us in Cincinnati, Ohio – said he had never seen an easier opportunity.  He’d raised funds for Christian Bible schools, for the Ark down in Boone County, and that whole thing with the museum there. And so many other things.  He said, “This is the easiest work I’ve ever done.” And normally it’s difficult work. But, we just walked in the footsteps of the Lord’s promises the entire way.  He just kept affirming and confirming.

I wrote and directed this film, it was produced by Guy Camara of Kingdom Pictures.  We did it over a 20 day period. One miracle after another occurred. One time a huge storm came in, and we were shooting in such a way that it would have damaged equipment and it just went everywhere else, but where we were.  It was an amazing situation to see. There were other technical issues that were completely addressed through prayer. Every morning we prayed and we sought God and God answered prayer constantly. When it was all over and done we had a film that touched the lives of multitudes of people, a story that had never been told before about a messianic jewish girl and her challenges in the traditional community and so forth.  We were thrilled to see the doors that kept opening and opening – the international television it’s been played on. Right now it’s an Amazon Prime film you can stream for free. So, it’s just great to see what God has done there.

I want to pray for you right now.  Because perhaps you are in some creative endeavor, you’re praying about open doors, you’re frustrated.  I know that God can do more than you can ask or think. Lord, I pray right now for everyone watching this who is seeking to be involved in media and open doors to be used in terms of writing, directing, any other thing.  Lord, that you would give them an affirmation, a confirmation in their spirit of what you are doing in their lives. That they would commit it to you and watch you work step after step, Lord God, day after day until they see the completed task and what you are going to do to bless others.  I claim this today for somebody or those out there whose desire is to see your work done in these areas that you, Lord God, would place that confidence in their spirit to know that you open doors no man can shut.