God Soil

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

...the Word of the Lord is that the Lord always produces a crop and He never fails.  He is not going to fail in your life.
Kevin Zadai


Hello, everyone.  Kevin Zadai with you from Warrior Notes.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to talk to you about being good soil.  Did you know Jesus had a parable that He spoke to His disciples one day? I refer to Matthew 13 where He talked to the people and He told them, “Listen, there was a sower who sowed the seed.  He sowed it in the soil and He has 4 kinds of soils there,” Jesus said, “that can produce a crop.” But He said, “Only one of them actually produced a crop. The others, they were not good soil.”


I want to talk to you today.  Can you be good soil and how can that even happen in your life?  You can read the Word of God and the Word is sown into your heart, but what happens when you don’t see a harvest?  I have good news for you. Jesus pulled the disciples aside because they wanted to know, “Jesus, why are you talking in parables?  What did you mean?” He said, “Listen, there are 4 types of soil.” He said, “One soil was hard and the seed didn’t take root.” He said, “Another had rocks in it.”  He said, “Another had thorns in it.” He said, “Another was good soil and it produced the crop 30, 60, and 100 fold.”


The disciples were like, “Why don’t you just tell the world this?  Why don’t you just speak plainly?” He said, “It hasn’t been given to them.  It has been given to you – the deep secrets of the mysteries of God.” This is what He said.  Jesus said, “If you understand this parable, you understand the whole Kingdom of God. Jesus wants you to know how to become good soil.  Here is how you do it – you have to tend to your soil. Jesus really clearly spoke to me in a visitation that I had. He said to me, “Listen, Kevin.  When you minister to people,” He said, “You have to minister to their soil or the seed will not take root.” So, we know – of course – by what the parable was that Jesus said the sower sows the Word.  The sower is just a farmer. The seed is the Word of God according to what Jesus said. However, He said, “The soil is men’s hearts.” The soil is where the action happens. That is where you get your harvest.  


Jesus was really speaking to the problems the soils have.  So, three of them did not produce a crop. Could you imagine if you were to sow the Word of God in a room of 100 people?  According to the parable, only 25 would actually produce a crop. Out of those 25, there were only a few that got 100 fold return on what was sown.  I want to be one of those people that is in the good soil and gets a 100 fold return on the Word that was sown into my life. How about you?


Here is what you need to do.  You need to get rid of those things Jesus said are the enemies of your soil.  The thorns and the rocks, and the hard soil. We need to deal with those. Jesus clearly said what these were in the parable.  What is bothering you? Is something choking you out today? Are the worries of the world choking you out? Are you pursuing wealth?  These are things Jesus addressed. We need to take this out. We need to pull this out of our soil so the Word of God can take root.


The Lord is going to rain on your field today.  I believe for a great harvest of the Word of God.  You can have an encounter with God just because the Spirit of God is raining on the seed that was planted in your life.  I believe by the Spirit of God right now – the Word of the Lord is that the Lord always produces a crop and He never fails.  He is not going to fail in your life. You just believe it and take hold of it now. In the name of Jesus – thanks for joining me.