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Friday, August 9th, 2019Terry Tyson

He’s Your Father


Welcome to God Today. My name is Terry Tyson. I’m with a new business called PartneringWithFather.com. Today we’re looking at one of my favorite subjects. It’s getting free from our paths so we can move into our future and partner with Father. When I was a small boy, I lived on a rural ranch and I would be out on the creek playing and my mom, she’d stick her head out the door and listen and if she could hear me singing, she knew everything was all right. If she didn’t; she’d come looking. 


But I would be singing often that song we all know called “Do Lord, Do Lord Remember Me” and as I’ve looked back over the years; how that song affected me, I’ve realized that song was a prayer and Father has remembered me. I lost my father when I was six-years-old to cancer and over the years, these last 50 years, it’s been this journey from losing my father to partnering with my Heavenly Father. We see that example in Christ. He partnered with his Father and He challenges us to partner with our Father and I’m realizing that not only do we have this relationship with Him in Heaven but Father is also near us and next to us. He’s also in our hearts, in our spirits. So, as I’ve worked and thrown Him close to me and on the inside of me, I found new levels of his strength partnering with me in life. 


I’d like to pray that prayer for you now. Father, in Jesus’ name, I ask that you would move in and partner next to your sons and daughters and that they would be aware of it and that you would have your throne on the inside of them and they would be aware of how big you are on the inside of them.  I bless them to receive you as their partner. Amen.