Spirit Of Prophecy

Monday, August 12th, 2019

...turn your heart towards the Lord and begin to meditate on the good things He has done for you.
Adam Knapp


Hello, my name is Adam Knapp.  I am from All People’s Church. I am with you on God Today.  I want to look at what is prophecy and the Spirit of prophecy.  Many times we hear about prophetic ministry, prophets, and the different things alike.  Not always do we understand exactly what is going on there.


In Revelations 19, John is speaking there.  He falls down beside an angel and he begins to worship him.  The angel stops and says, “Do not worship me.” He realizes he is not God and he is correcting the worship that should only go to the Lord.  Then, in that passage in verse 10, it says, “The Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ.” You see, so often we make prophecy a number of different things.  Ultimately, at its core, it always points back to the testimony and life of Jesus Christ.


Many people can say many things.  If what they say and what they do do not point you back to the Lord, they are not operating in the Spirit of prophecy, no matter what they call it.  Sometimes we feel as though maybe we can’t prophesy or we don’t have anything to say in that manner. The reality is – what you need to operate in prophecy is a voice that brings back a relevant testimony of what God is doing right now in your life.


Some of you can begin operating in the prophetic, simply by sharing your testimony and the things God is doing in your day and in your week.  Maybe you are going to class and you are not sure how to share your faith. You don’t always have to have al the theology down. Sometimes you just need to talk about the things Jesus has done for you and is doing for you.  And in doing so, you enter into that Spirit of prophecy that makes Jesus Christ relevant at an age and a time where people are so often trying to forget who He is.


So if you are there and you say, “Hey, I am interested in prophecy, but I don’t understand it.  Maybe I am not a prophet. I don’t go to that kind of church.” Let me encourage you. You can enter into prophecy by simply revealing a testimony that brings praise and honor to Jesus Christ today.  Maybe you don’t know how to do that. Maybe you are not sure. Maybe there is a place of insecurity in your heart and you say, “I am not somebody that likes to speak up. I am not really sure what to say.”  I ask you would turn your heart towards the Lord and begin to meditate on the good things He has done for you. Maybe it hasn’t been in the last week, but you can look back at the time you were saved. Or the things He has done or the way He has helped your family or strengthened your life.  That is still a relevant testimony that brings forth the Spirit of prophecy and helps to make Jesus’ name known.


I want to pray with you real quick to ask the Lord to help you and partner with you in this.  Lord, I ask you right now that you would help those that are watching to enter into the Spirit if prophecy.  Share forth your testimony and declare your goodness to those they interact with and to remind people of your faithfulness in their lives.  I ask you would empower them and strengthen them and that the Holy Spirit would rest on their words and they would know you are with them in all things.  I bless you now, Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I am Adam Knapp and this is God Today.