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Sunday, August 25th, 2019Rich Marshall



Hello, this is Rich Marshall with GOD TV. So glad to come to you today on God Today. Glad you could join this, hope you are blessed by this time. I was thinking about the word “faith”. The definition of “faith” in the Bible is: now faith is. I want to stop right there. Three words: now faith is. The word “now” obviously is a present tense word that means “if faith is going to be active in your life, it is going to be acting right now.” The word “is” is an action word. When you think about faith it is not something in the future, not something in the past, it is something that is going on right now in your life. It is something that demands action. God is going to do His part, we need to do our part in establishing faith as a part of our daily life. Now faith is.


What are you facing today that is calling on faith? What are you facing today that you can’t handle on your own? What are you facing today that needs your faith to come to play? I want to encourage you right now that this day – now, today, not tomorrow, not yesterday – today faith is going to go to work on your behalf. Think of it as an action word. When you start distributing your faith out into the world so people can see it, God is going to add His power to it and make it happen as He said He would. Let me pray for you today so your faith might increase and that it might increase today. Father, I pray right now, in the name of Jesus, for faith to rise up. Let me say it to you personally. Let faith rise up in your heart now. Because now faith is. The Bible says that substance, it’s the proof it’s the evidence of things you can’t see. Let it come to pass in your life right now. I pray this in Jesus’ name. God bless you. This is Rich Marshall with God Today.