Justice 2.0

Friday, August 30th, 2019

God promises that He will come and restore and even reward you for the evil that you have been through.
Robert Henderson


Hello, this is Robert Henderson with Robert Henderson Ministry and welcome to God Today.  You know, God loves us deeply. But, I want to talk to you today about justice 2.0. In other words, I want to talk to you about taking this to another level of seeing God arise and stand on your behalf and actually cause the things you have lost, the ways you have been mistreated, the things that have happened to you that you did not deserve.  You didn’t deserve them. But, they happened anyway. Watch. God promises that He will come and restore and even reward you for the evil that you have been through.


See?  This happened to King David in 2 Samuel 16:12.  Absalom has risen up against David. And he is taking away his throne and David is having to run.  As he leaves Jerusalem, a guy named Shimei comes out begins to curse David.  And begins to accuse him of something he is not guilty of.  See, he literally says, “You stole the throne from Saul. You killed Saul.  You are a bloodthirsty man.” David had done nothing of the matter. See, David had operated with all integrity concerning Saul.  He never laid His hand on Saul. And yet, here is Shimei accusing him of that.


One of David’s men said to David to defend him, “Let me go.  I only have to hit him once. He will be quiet. I promise you.  I will take him down.” David says these words, Watch these words.  David says, “Let him curse. Let him curse if God has commanded him to curse.  Perhaps God will hear him and repay me with good for his cursing this day.”


What was David aware of?  He was aware of several things.  Number 1 – God is listening. When people speak evil of you, when people come against you, when people purposely try to hurt you when you have done nothing to deserve it, God hears that.  Watch. David was aware that not only did God hear it, but that God would arise and repay him with good for that which was being spoken evil against them. I want to say to you – you have a right.  I have a right, to come before the presence of God and literally say to Him, “Lord, they have spoken evil against me. They have done wrong by me. I did not deserve this. I am asking on the basis of that which they have done, that you would remember me and repay me with good.”


What are you doing?  You are making your appeal before the courts of Heaven and asking for justice to come into your life.  That is exactly what happened with David. David was brought back to the Kingdom. His throne was restored.  All because God rewarded him with good form the cursing of Shimei.  So, sometimes, when people curse – listen.  Get ready. Your blessing is on the way. God will arise to vindicate you.  God will arise to avenge you because He will remember you because of their cursing.


Let me pray for you.  Father, I pray right now that every hardship, everything that has happened unjustly to people, I decree that you remembered.  I ask, right now, that you will repay them with good for the evil they have experienced. I pray that you would manifest that they are your servants and you are their God.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.