One God And Father (Part 3) - God Today
Saturday, September 7th, 2019Terry Tyson

One God And Father (Part 3)


Welcome to God Today.  My name is Terry Tyson and I’m the founder of “”. We’re going to look, again, at one of my favorite scriptures which is Ephesians 4:6.  Which says, “One God and Father of all, above all, by all, and in all.” Today we’re going to look at that third dimension at the very end of that verse: He’s in us.  Most of us have been taught down through the years of being at church that Father is seated in heaven, Christ is resurrected and ascended there and seated with Him. They’re up there and the Holy Spirit is down here with us and that is absolutely true.  But, there are more dimensions to God. The scripture clearly explains that He is not only seated above, but He is also with us and He is in us. 


Today I want you to ponder this thought of Father in you.  Father on the inside of your spirit, enthroned there just like He is enthroned in Heaven.  In fact, if you picture Him enthroned up there with Christ at His right hand and you seated in Christ.  Picture that on the inside of your spirit. Father is there. Christ is there. Holy Spirit is there. And you’re seated with them, enthroned on the inside of you.  That’s a powerful picture.


Let’s pray and let’s ask for this reality of Him as Father on the inside of us to explode.  Father, I ask in Jesus’ name, for you to have your place on the inside of us according to Ephesians 4:6.  You’re in us. We enthrone you in our spirit on the throne of our life. We choose right now to step off that throne.  We’ve been running our own show most of our lives. We surrender. We bow to you and say, “Be enthroned, Father. As the king of my spirit.  As the king of my core, as the king of my heart. I want to live from the inside out with you as the King on the inside of me.” We ask these things in Jesus’ name.