Angels In Prayer

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

the Holy Spirit, in your weakness, wants to come in and make you strong.
Kevin Zadai


Hello, everyone.  Kevin Zadai with Warrior Notes, welcome to God Today.  Today I want to talk to you about praying in the Spirit and how that relates to angel activity.  Did you know that Paul talked about this in Romans 8:26? He said, “In your weakness,” not in your strength, “In your weakness, the Spirit of God will come in and take hold of you.”  That is powerful. Can you imagine the Holy Spirit coming in and taking hold of you? And getting you strong? It says there, in your weakness He will come in, make you strong, and cause you to pray out the mysteries.  To pray out the perfect will of God.


When you pray out the perfect will of God, by yielding to the Holy Spirit, and not unto your own understanding, guess what happens?  Angels are listening. They are gathering around you. They are hearing familiar things. You are speaking from the Spirit, the will of God in another language.  You can yield to where you are speaking in another language that God gives you. It is called praying in the Spirit, it is called speaking in tongues. Listen to me.  The Spirit of God wants to pray out the will of God for your life. The angels have been sent to do the will of God for your life. Guess what? They meet in a place and it becomes a happy place.  In other words, the Spirit wants to help you right now. What happens is angels want to come and help you too. When you agree with God by praying by the Spirit, yielding to the Spirit of God and reading the Word of God, and yielding to the Spirit, and speaking that out, angels are going to agree with you and increase the angel activity in your life.


Angels only want to harken under the voice of the Lord.  They only want to do His bidding. They are flames of fire, they have been sent to minister for those who are going to inherit salvation.  We have a lot of help around us. There is a lot of heavenly help. Think about this: the Holy Spirit, in your weakness, wants to come in and make you strong.  Paul said that he bragged about his weakness because, in weakness, the strength of God was revealed. You have resurrection power inside of you. Because you yield to that, you are strengthened inside. 


That is not all. Now angels have gathered around you and they are going to usher you into the perfect will of God. They are going to yield to the will of God just like you are yielding to the will of God.  Guess what is going to happen? Psalm 91 is going to happen. Angels are assigned to you to even lift you up, so you don’t even stub your toe on a rock. God is leading you by His Spirit. There are also ministering spirits that are also leading you and helping you.  I just want to encourage you. Yield to the Holy Spirit. Speak by the Spirit. It says in the Bible that we should even when we speak, speak like we are speaking the very oracles of God. We need to yield to what God is saying and the angels will be right there to usher you into His glory.  Thanks for joining me.