Friday, September 20th, 2019

We have a choice every day.  Are we going to focus on our problems or are we going to focus on our Father?
Russell Evans


Hi, I’m Russell Evans, I am from Planet Shakers, and welcome to God Today. I often speak to my staff and leadership teams – all over the world – about this one concept I want to talk to you about today.  It is called “focus”. I say to them this one statement, “What you focus on is what you get.” In a world that wants to distract you, in a world that wants to get your attention. You know you read the papers, you look at the news, and you can be focused or distracted from your focus. You can have the situations in life distract you and all of a sudden your focus goes on to all the problems in life.  All the hurts in life, all the things that are going wrong. On the other side, you can focus your view and fix your eyes on Jesus. 


You notice the Lord’s Prayer doesn’t start with, “My problems here on Earth.”  Problems distract, problems discourage, problems are things that try to zap your faith.  When God was teaching us the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, “When you pray say, ‘Our Father.’”  What was He doing? He was saying, “I want to get your focus off your problems and put your focus on the Father.”  When you focus on the Father you see how good He is. You see how loving He is. You see how powerful He is. When you worship Him and focus on Him, all of a sudden you start believing what He says.  The Bible says, “When you see Him you’ll be like Him. You’ll be changed from glory to glory.” We have a choice every day. Are we going to focus on our problems or are we going to focus on our Father?

The next thing in the Lord’s Prayer says, “Let your kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven.”  In other words, put your focus on God’s Kingdom and your whole life saying, “My life is about the Kingdom of God, my life is about seeing miracles and breakthroughs.  I am not going to live my life focused on the small, insignificant, I am going to make my life focused on the things God has called me to live.” Live focused. Once you do that then it comes to “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Because our focus is on how great God is, and our focus is on the Kingdom, now we are not living selfishly. We can speak to our daily situations because we have a focus from a God perspective, not a problem perspective.


Focus is a vital key when you are driving down the road.  You can get distracted – it takes you off course. The Holy Spirit’s job is to keep focusing on Jesus.  The Holy Spirit wants to reveal Jesus to us. I want to encourage you. Make your life a choice then say, “Holy Spirit, I need your help to focus on Jesus.  I am going to focus on you Jesus, I am going to focus on you, Father. Every other situation that I face I am going to look at those situations through your focus, not through my Earthly focus.  I guarantee you, if you live that life, the very things that God has put in your spirit will come to pass. It might take a while, but if you keep focused till the end, you will make it.


I am going to pray for you.  I am going to pray that God gives you such a Kingdom focus, such a Godly focus for your life.  Father, today, the viewers that are watching, and hearing my voice right now, you love them so much.  You have a plan and a destiny for them. You said in your word that your plans are for good. “A good hope and a good future.”  That goodness, that plan comes through our focus on you and the plans you have for our lives. Help us not to be distracted, but help us lift our eyes and look and see where our hope comes from and put our focus on you.  Lord, I thank you as we do that blessing and favor will follow us all the rest of our days. I am Russell Evans, you’ve been watching God Today, let’s shake the planet together. See you soon.