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Saturday, September 21st, 2019Wesley Zinn

Sons And Daughters


Hey! Good morning, listeners. My name is Wesley Zinn, I’m a pastor at Wellspring Church in Connecticut, United States. Welcome to God Today on GOD TV. It’s interesting to us who’ve been Christians, maybe you’ve been Christians a long time a believer a short time. Something unique in the Bible versus any other religion is that God calls Himself a Father. And we may be used to that, we may not think about that, but God actually calls Himself Father. What’s interesting about that is that He also calls us sons and daughters. And I do believe that there’s significance to that.


You know, many of us struggle with our families. Maybe we have issues with our families, maybe we have issues with our parents. Maybe they’re wonderful parents but still, we struggle some with our identity or with our own place and how we fit in. But this is what I can tell you that I know and I encourage you to know. If God wanted you to be something other than a son or a daughter, He would have called Himself something other than Father. If He wanted you to be a good worker for Him, He would have called Himself the boss. If He wanted you to be a good witness, which He wants you to be, He would’ve called Himself other than Father. But the primary thing that He wants to be is your Father because the primary thing He wants for you today is to know that you are a son or a daughter.


There is much we can do inside the kingdom, there is much we can do inside the family of God. He wants a family, and he wants to be the Father. He wants to be the Father, but He wants you and me to be his family. Welcome today, to the family of God. Welcome to being a son or a daughter. Welcome. I am your brother as we have a heavenly Father. There is much we can do. There is much you can do. But first and foremost, welcome to the family of God this morning. Have a great day. Bless you. And may God bless you as a Father and as a lover of your soul, Amen.