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Thursday, September 26th, 2019Luanne Mast

Break The Lie


Hi, welcome to God Today. I am Luanne Mast, the author of God, I Feel Like Cinderella. I wrote the book because I went through a time in my life of being married for 23 years and I was cleaning up ashes in a fireplace. I lifted my hands to God and I was yelling at God saying, “God, I feel like Cinderella!” I had just lost my house and my car. I found myself cleaning houses and I am screaming out to God saying, “What are you doing in my life?” God answered me right away. He said, “You are Cinderella and I will redeem you.”


At that time I had no idea what He meant. I went through a time of cleaning houses and going to ministry and learning about ministry to finding myself moving to Delaware and meeting my husband. At that time, God transformed my life. I am sitting here today in a place of ministry and traveling the world, seeing God setting women free.


One thing I wanted to say today is that many people out there have been through abuse. In my life of abuse, I learned that I had to break the lie that I believed that there was something wrong with me. Not only something wrong with me, but I also had to break the lie that I was the bad one. There are so many people out there that believe the lie that the enemy would tell you, “There is something wrong with you”, or “You are the bad one.” I am here today – that is a lie from hell. You need to break that lie because God has something awesome for you.