Compassion That Restores

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

We see here this act of compassion from Jesus, that moves us and helps us to understand that He does love us.
Francisco Arboleda


Hi, my name is Francisco, and I get to serve as a pastor with Patricia King Ministries.  Welcome to God Today. I want to share something with you and it is about the compassion of Jesus; His compassion in our lives.


I was reading John 11:35 and the verse goes like this, “Jesus wept.”  This small, tiny verse that I remember even as a child is tucked away inside of a beautiful story of compassion with Jesus and a certain family.  It is in John 11 again. It is the resurrection of Lazarus. Are you going through a seemingly overwhelming situation? So were Mary and Martha. In fact, this was an impossible situation.  I want to show you something that I have personally forgotten from time to time. When we look at this story, we always remember the miracle, which is that God raised Lazarus from the dead.  But, inside of the story, we see an amazing amount of compassion from Jesus in the situation.


This is a compassion that literally restores us.  In verse 33, and I am reading out of the Passion Translation, it literally says, “When Jesus looked at Mary and saw her weeping at His feet, and all of her friends who were grieving, He shuddered with emotion.  He was deeply moved with tenderness and compassion.” Earlier in His ministry, we hear Jesus say, blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Right here, in this story, we see Jesus literally practicing what He preaches.  Why? Because God absolutely cares about what you are going through right now.


There is a little saying that we say within our ministry that “God loves you with an everlasting love.”  We see here this act of compassion from Jesus, that moves us and helps us to understand that He does love us.  We have a God that loves us and wants to restore us. He wants to restore the things He set in us, for us to do.


In verse 35, in the exact same story in chapter 11 of John, it says that “tears streamed down the face of Jesus.”  This shows us He was in the moment, He cared about this family. He does care indeed about what you and I go through in this life.  Again, when Jesus did this and he moved into the miracle of this whole thing, He didn’t just restore Lazarus’s life, but He restored something so important inside of Mary and Martha.  That was hope, joy, love, and all the good things Jesus has for us.  


My friend, I want to invite you, and as we close this simple devotion right here, I want to invite you to do this same thing Mary did that kicked off this whole thing right here.  This story of compassion that shows us that Jesus absolutely cares and loves us. That is that she found herself at the feet of Jesus. My friends, it all starts at the feet of Jesus.  I hope this message blesses you. As you continue to grow, remember that God absolutely loves you. Bless you.