Healing Prayer

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Look for people in need of healing because God wants to get their attention and you are His vehicle. 
Ron Cantor


Hi, everybody.  My name is Ron Cantor and I am the regional director for GOD TV in Israel. I want to tell you something today.  You have power in your hands to lay hands on the sick so that they will be healed. When was the last time you prayed for a sick person and they were healed? Let me give you just a nugget right here at the beginning.  The more people you pray for people to be healed, the more people will be healed. Not really a nugget, kind of common sense, right? But, begin to do it. I don’t mean in the church. I don’t mean in the congregation. I mean at work, on the street. Wherever you are, look for people in need of healing because God wants to get their attention and you are His vehicle.  


Not long ago I was in a hotel for a conference and over the course of five days I just said, “God, you are going to use me in this hotel.”  It was in Jerusalem and I noticed on the first day there was a fellow in my room that needed healing in his knee. Why was he in my room? He was cleaning my room.  I prayed for him, he was Arab / Muslim – instantly healed. The next day, another guy – his back – instantly healed. On the third day, Rafa, in the dining room. He had a knee brace on, prayed for him – instantly healed.  The next day, a Sudanese refugee who worked as a cleaner there. His back was in such pain he said he couldn’t work and he was going to the doctor. I said, “Let’s pray first.” God healed him. 

Then on the last day – this is awesome.  On the last day, an Israeli / Jewish girl at the front desk.  I said, “Hey, can you watch my bag? I’m checking out, going to get my car.”  She said, “Wait a minute. Can you heal the sick?” I said, “Why are you asking me?”  She said, “All the workers are talking about it.” I said, “Well, I can’t heal anybody, but Yeshua, Jesus can.”  We prayed for her and she was healed as well. I was able to give her a book in Hebrew about the gospel.


Friends, I want to encourage you.  Start praying for your co-workers, people in the mall, wherever you are.  If you see somebody in need of healing just go for it. The worst thing that can happen is they don’t get healed and they thank you and they love you.  But friends, they are going to get healed! God wants to use you. Now Father, in the name of Yeshua, encourage my friends, strengthen my friends, that they can do what your word says.  The works of Jesus. They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. In Jesus’ name. Thanks for subscribing to God Today. Shalom.