Jesus’ Love

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Jesus took on everything that you’re dealing with.  He took on everything for you because He loves you.
Kelsey Morris


Hi, I’m Kelsey Morris with Together In The Harvest Ministries and you’re watching God Today. I want to ask you something that might be a little personal and I hope you’re not offended by this.  But, please keep watching. Have you recently sinned? Have you recently done something that you’re not proud of? Maybe you slept around even though you’re married, maybe you looked at pornography, maybe you screamed at your husband, maybe you’ve done something that you’re not proud of and you know Jesus wouldn’t be proud of it either.  I want to tell you something – that even at this moment that you feel condemned – maybe some of you watching this didn’t even want to open this email because you didn’t feel worthy to even read this email because you’ve been sinning. You’ve been in a lifestyle that Jesus wouldn’t be proud of. I’m talking straight to you. And I feel the Holy Spirit right now so I know that I’m talking to some of you.


You feel like you’re not worthy of Jesus.  Let me tell you this. When my dad was sick with cancer and he was dying in front of me, I was young – 12 or 13 years old – I wouldn’t pray, “God, heal him.”  Do you know what I would pray? I would pray, “God, I pray that I would take his sickness. Lord, I want to have cancer, I don’t want to see him suffer.” And I’m telling you today that Jesus took on everything that you’re dealing with.  He took on everything for you because He loves you. I had that revelation.

It says here in Luke 23:43 – you have Jesus in the middle, He’s being crucified, but He has thieves on either side of Him.  One of the thieves says to Jesus, “Don’t forget me when you go into your Kingdom.” Jesus turns to him and He says, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”  I’m telling you today that Jesus is turning to you on the cross. Think of yourself as the thief next to Him. He is turning to you with love in His eyes – in His piercing eyes – with blood trickling down His face.  And He’s saying, “You will be with me in paradise. I love you. I’m dying here for you.”

So, right now, maybe you’re feeling that way.  Don’t feel like that anymore. Say, “Jesus, wash me.  Cleanse me. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. But, Lord, I want to be in your paradise.  I want to be with you, Jesus. Can I pray with you? I don’t want you to ever feel condemned.  Jesus is sitting next to you saying, “I love you. Let’s walk through life together.” Lord, right now I thank you for these people watching.  Lord, I thank you for every single person. Every person that may feel condemned. They may feel shameful, they may feel guilty. Lord, I thank you that you died for them.  You died for this person watching that I’m praying with right now. And Lord, I pray that you fill their home with your glorious presence. Jesus, would you touch their hearts.  Would you overwhelm them with your love and with your mercy? Change our lives. Change my life, Jesus. Change their life too. In your holy, precious name. Amen.