Growing The fruit Of The Spirit

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

We have to remember that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is not mere human emotions.
Kristene DiMarco


Hi, I’m Kristene DiMarco with Bethel Music and you’re watching God Today. I often get asked, “How do you maintain the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life just in everyday occurrences?” And the truth is we have to remember that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is not mere human emotions.


These are not just fleeting feelings. Joy isn’t just a feeling, love isn’t just a feeling, peace is not just a feeling. These things are sometimes just choices that we make through a fruit of relationship with Jesus Christ. And so, sometimes, I’ll be going about my business and the day and I’ll get distracted with the laundry and everything that needs to be done. I’ll get frustrated and I realize at that point I need to lean into Jesus because his Spirit has all the fruit that I need. It has the peace that I need, it has the patience that I need as a mother and I can’t expect these things to just be a feeling sometimes. They’re simply a choice. And the choice is a lot easier when I remain close to the Lord and His grace is so present. So, let me pray for you.


God, we just asked for grace, grace upon grace, to remember to always lean into Your presence no matter where we are in our day. No matter what is going on in our day, that we would just lean into You and take hold of the fruit of the Spirit that is available to us. God, I thank you for all the patience that is available to us and all the joy that is available to us if we just lean into Your Spirit, whether we’re doing laundry or dishes, God, we just choose to stay close to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.