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Thursday, November 14th, 2019Danny McDaniel

Types Of Healing


Hi, my name is Danny McDaniel.  I am the pastor of Bethel Dallas Church in Lewisville, Texas.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to visit with you about two types of healing that we see in the Bible.  Now, these are the two major categories that we see. This is meant to inspire you today, to walk out your healing, to chase your healing, to seize your healing.  


What I have seen over the years in that many people, especially Christians, they come up for prayer at a prayer line or anything for that matter. They are inspired.  They really believe, that based on the word they heard, they are going to get healed of cancer, they’re going got get healed of that tumor, they are going to get healed of that tumor, they are going to get healed of that specific sickness or disease.  Then they get prayed for, they are excited and they are going, “Yea, I just feel good, I feel warm, something came over me.” Then they walk away and 5 days later they are calling you and saying, “The symptoms are back. That is still there.” They take that bad news as if something is wrong with them.  Healing... Start a free trial to watch the video and read the rest of the transcript!

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